To the editor: I'm writing this letter about the barking dog problem the people on South Hickory Street are having.

I have lived at the Mid-Rise for almost two years and I know for a fact that many people have written letters to the mayor, called the police and complained about four dogs that bark constantly. We have received many excuses why nothing is being done, but we are citizens and have rights, too. The dogs in Mount Carmel seem to have more rights than the people.

I really don't have anything against dogs, but I do blame the owners of these mean dogs because they purchase a dog, tie it or chain it in there yard, and the dog automatically gets mean. I believe anyone would if they are outside in all weather conditions, year 'round.

There is a pit bull on South Market Street that gets so mad when anything gets near it or even a leaf blows by it, it goes wild. There's foam coming from this dog's mouth, and there's no fence in the backyard to protect anyone who walks down that alley. I believe that if this dog ever gets off that chain, it would no doubt kill or really hurt a child or anyone. It's going off like a mad dog as I write this letter and its 9:30 in the morning. This will go on for hours.

We have another trouble spot. There are two mixed-breed Labradors and a Rottweiler just down the block from the pit bull that never stop barking either. In the warmer months, you can't open your windows and even when they're shut you can still be very annoyed by all this barking. And forget trying to watch your TV.

People should be more responsible about their pets and have some respect for their neighbors. When something horrible happens and a dog mauls someone's child, then it's too late.

I see where a woman in Shamokin was cited last week for a barking dog. What are Mount Carmel police doing about this problem? It seems like there's no ordinance for this type of problem, so let's pass one!

And, again, I don't have anything against any dogs. I blame the owners.

David Matthews

Mount Carmel