To the editor: Four years ago, before Barack Obama was president, this country was heading off a cliff.

Osama bin Laden was still alive. The American auto industry was dying. Banks were closing all over the country, and the housing market plunged. The stock market was around 6,000 and crashing. America was still in Iraq. We were losing almost 800,000 private-sector jobs a month and the unemployment rate was skyrocketing. After eight years of Republicans in charge, our country was headed into another great depression.

Our country is safer today than it was when Republicans occupied the White House four years ago. Osama bin Laden is dead; we're no longer in Iraq and there have been no terror attacks in the United States for the past four years. The American auto industry is thriving and back on top. The stock market has nearly doubled in the past four years and the housing market is recovering. The economy is adding an average of 125,000 private-sector jobs a month for 31 consecutive months and the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in the four years.

Anyone who does not think we are better now than four years ago must have their head buried in the sand.

In Pennsylvania over the past two years since the Republicans acquired absolute power of the governor's office and Legislature, funding for our school children has been cut and senior citizens have suffered "unintended consequences" with the passage of Act 22.

I urge anyone who is an ordinary Pennsylvanian or not a millionaire to vote Democrat. If you want children, senior citizens and ordinary Pennsylvanians to fall by the wayside, then vote Republican.

Michael Krankowski