To the editor: I have read a number of letters and seen people in media talking about Second Amendment rights. And time and time again, they start off with a false premise: taking weapons from "law-abiding citizens."

This is not a viable argument, because no one has proposed anything like that. I have not seen any group promoting gun regulation, nor have I seen recent attempts via the legal system to advocate anything of the kind. This is a distortion and should not be regarded as any part of any debate. The only places this is being talked about is on certain media outlets and from certain groups who seem to have a vested interest in having more weapons and ammunition sold. This is classic fear-mongering.

It is about limiting certain weapons and ammunition and closer scrutiny of people who want to purchase guns. And enough with car and knife comparisons. A car is not sold as a weapon, and I don't know any knife that can kill or maim a substantial number of people in a minute.

When people are upset about their freedoms, they need to remember no one has any unlimited rights under the Constitution. All this hand-wringing and alleged concern about abridged rights is nothing of the kind.

I would compare this to someone putting 10 guns in front of someone and telling them they can only have nine. And to carry on because you can only have nine seems to me rather self-centered and immature.

Alexis Fasolka

Marion Heights