To the editor: Pennsylvanians, wake up. Our state is being irreparably destroyed right under our noses. Between the confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) and the fracking, vast areas are being turned into a wasteland. Something needs to be done now to protect and preserve resources for our children, grandchildren and other future generations.

I belong to a citizens group called CRAFF - Concerned Residents Against Factory Farms. We are fighting the building of a confined animal operation in our residential zone for some time now. We have gone through what we thought were the appropriate channels to be heard, but that hasn't helped.

We found out early on our local government was reluctant to act. We then contacted state Rep. Kurt Masser. He checked with the Department of Agriculture and informed us that, although he agreed with our plight, there was nothing he could do. I then contacted U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta's office and was informed by his staff that the congressman is more involved in federal matters. Hello? Did we, Pennsylvania residents, not vote him into office? We also wrote to Sen. John Gordner, to no avail. And I also wrote to the now former Attorney General Linda Kelly, who failed to acknowledge the fact that we live in a residential district. I do intend to write to our new attorney general, Kathleen Kane, in the near future.

In August 20111, I also sent an e-mail to Gov. Corbett and received a reply from his staff stating they received my e-mail and appreciated my taking the time to contact him with my concerns, and suggested we contact our state representative, congressman and senator - so we have come full circle.

I even wrote to former Vice President Al Gore, because these operations are not only hazardous to our health, take away our quality of life, deplete and pollute our water supplies without conscience or consequence, but are also a major concern in adding to the greenhouse effect worldwide. His staff's response was that his time is limited and he's too busy to get involved with everyone's cause.

I guess we don't get enough publicity to get any of the above-mentioned individuals involved.

We're just average voters trying to have our voices heard, and there is power in numbers. I understand there are other people being subjected to these confined pig, chicken, turkey, etc., farms, which have no place in a residential area. We need to unite and take action, since our government is unwilling to do so. Your residential neighborhood may be next.

We can be reached through our Facebook page, CRAFF.

Johanna Lucid

Elysburg RD