To the editor: The Kulpmont Borough Council voted 6-0 for the construction of a new municipal building project and (to) create a debt above and beyond common sense.

Attention council members and whoever is involved in a careless decision to place the community in a fiscal disaster: Enlightenment is a strange word that is not commonly known or used by those who make decisions relative to the adverse effect which would be problematic. Northumberland County laid out a plan this year which would raise property taxes by 11 percent in 2013, plus our federal government will, without a doubt, create a serious financial debt (with) a large increase in taxes (for) everyone.

A county tax increase plus a Kulpmont borough tax plus a federal tax - put them all together and there will be no justification for the construction of a new municipal building in Kulpmont. You are required to produce exact data relative to exactly what repairs would be necessary and what each repair would cost. Evidently, you are taking on this venture to construct a new building just to satisfy an out-of-line reason, whatever it is. I would request that no more money (be spent) on down payments for designs or anything else until you satisfy the majority of borough residents (who) depend and rely on you to conduct yourselves as is expected.

Adolph A. Blusius