To the editor: Just because a person is a convincing talker and promises the people whatever they want, and they are likeable and outgoing, doesn't mean they will make a good leader. I've known people like that who were nothing but free-loading scam artists.

A leaders should have love of God and country and the values and principles this nation was founded upon, and should be proud of and have respect for our Founding Fathers and those remarkable people who gave their lives and fortunes so future generations could live in a nation where freedom, justice and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are God-given rights, not government handouts, and cannot ever be taken away.

A leader should have moral and family values and should stand up and fight for the constitutional rights, as written, of the people, and not try to exchange them for votes, as many have done. They should live lives of honor and transparency.

And to those who want to change our nation, first ask God what he wants for our nation and its people, just as our forefathers did. They put God first and the blessings of our creator followed. They knew that where God is honored, there is freedom and prosperity.

Glenn Timmins

Mount Carmel