To the editor: Let me begin by saying I am very disappointed in The News-Item for a one-sided story printed on Sept. 22, even after I was asked to give my side of the story. I emailed a long reply but only received a few sentences.

Even with this letter, I know it still won't tell the whole story, but I ask the good people of Northumberland County to cast their vote for me on Nov. 5 based on my qualifications and on who I am today.

As the article did mention, it was my understanding all fines were paid in full, but when it was brought to my attention years later, I agreed on a payment plan and continue to pay as agreed. Anyone who follows local county issues knows how the collections of court costs were in disarray for years. I know The News-Item has done numerous articles about it over the last few years.

Even though I do not want to relive my past, I am going to provide some very personal information. Let me begin in 1989; these charges were based on my actions because of the bullying of my pregnant girlfriend at the time. Even though the school district would not protect her from the daily bullying she had to encounter, I know today that taking the actions I choose at that time was not the right thing to do for her, me or our unborn child. As a 19-year-old teenager, I felt like I had no one to turn to. This event was what began a bad downward spiral of my young life. I began to drink and drink heavily for years, and basically became a vigilante. My whole world came crashing down on me in late 1994 when alcohol took over my life. I had a decision to make: Continue the downward spiral, get treatment for the alcohol addiction and the chip I had on my shoulder, or possibly end up killing myself or, even worse, maybe someone else by my selfish actions.

I feel I also need to discuss the charge of harassment in 2004 for which I was found to be not guilty. This charge was based on an individual who I was trying to have investigated for stealing money from the Fairview Fire Company. It wasn't until years later he was finally arrested for theft.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save the fire company and the community ambulance that I was fighting for. My passion for Fairview ended up getting me arrested. The judge saw through the lies provided by this individual, and again I was found not guilty.

I thought clarification was needed because I truly turned my life around after completing alcohol rehab in 1995. It appeared in the news article that in 2004 I was still following down the wrong path, but instead, I was fighting against those who were stealing from a nonprofit organization.

I neither was a perfect child nor am I today a perfect adult. - just more mature and a lot wiser. I can somewhat compare my life as that of Judge Greg Mathis, who was also going down the wrong path early in life.

I do feel it's pretty pathetic that those who oppose me feel they need to spend time and energy going back 20-plus years to when I was basically still a dumb kid to discredit who I am today, which is a God-fearing man with good Christian family values who has given his life in helping those in need in my work as a paramedic and in the funeral industry.

I have put thousands of hours of my own sweat, tears and sometimes blood into the Mother Cabrini Baseball Complex, including coaching youth baseball for the last decade. In addition, I have taught hundreds of people first aid and CPR, and there are several other community events and organizations I was or continue to be involved with today.

Every human being makes bad decisions in life and has skeletons in the closet. My past does not define who I am today. Well, I guess it has. It is not what you have done in the past, it's what you do with those mistakes and how you use them to better yourself and who you become because of them.

He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones. I promised my committee members when I announced my run for coroner I would not throw mud and only speak about the facts about the coroner and his office, not his personal life. I will remain on track, running a clean campaign despite what his supporters have done and continue to do by making many false accusations publicly about, not just me, but my family, which includes all the harassment of my wife and children. That includes multiple vandalism acts caused to my property which has topped $3,000.

The kind of person I have become speaks for itself by those who know me on a professional and personal level.

In closing, there may be those who still may have questions. I do have different criminal background checks from the state and federal levels, and a third from children and youth. Let me assure you that all of them read "No record found." And I'm willing to share them with anyone who would like to see them, as I did with The News Item prior to the article, which they also failed to mention. There is always more to a story than a small newspaper article.

I would like to thank everyone who has stood by me and continues to support me for my run for county coroner, and to my new friends since the article was printed. I am willing to talk to anyone who still has questions; I am listed in the phone book. Thank you and God Bless.

Leo J. Mirolli Jr.

Coal Township