To the editor: I do not agree with state Rep. Kurt Masser's support of the governor's initiative to privatize liquor sales and abolish the Liquor Control Board.

I realize he generally promotes the Republican Party platform and initiatives on the state level, but I believe this idea would not be a good change for our community or for all of Pennsylvania.

I disagree with your comment, "The state should not be involved in the food or drink business." What makes this business different from the other businesses and controls that are part of state government?

I believe job creation and promotion of new business opportunities need to be explored and expanded. However, if the state gives up control of this entity, we will potentially create additional problems and expansion of underage drinking, drunk driving and a loss of jobs. Yes, there would be an initial influx of money into the state treasury, but in the long term we would lose millions of dollars.

I have always supported Mr. Masser and the legislation that promotes and affects our area. However, this current political initiative is not a good idea, and I believe Mr. Masser should stand firm and oppose this legislation.


Kenn Splitt