To the editor: Regarding the individuals and politicians who believe Obamacare is beyond fixing, should be scrapped and we should start all over, my position is this: Fine. Let's do that.

However, in the same way that these individuals say we should never have trusted the president when he said, "If you like your existing plan, you will be able to keep it," I do not trust Republicans when they say, "Let's get rid of it, and then put something better in its place."

If there is a better plan that significantly reduces the number of uninsured, let's see it. Let's see the completed legislation. Heck, I'll read the whole thing. However, I am extremely cynical that such a plan will ever be presented if we do repeal Obamacare.

The number of people who have already signed up is significantly larger than the number who could not keep their plan. I am personally concerned about people going through life without the security of health coverage. I am not convinced that opponents of the Affordable Care Act, named by Republicans as "Obamacare," share the same charitable outlook.

Regarding another significant current issue, the Russian action in the Crimea area of the Ukraine, I totally disagree with the Republican conservatives who are now arguing that the U.S. should have supplied military arms and possibly a troop presence in this region to prevent the Russian takeover. We have seen the same arguments and positions by these individuals in the past in North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and more. The U.S. is the No. 1 arms supplier on the planet, so this strategy is clearly unsuccessful and count-erproductive.

The president is responsible for upholding the Constitution, which mandates that we protect our shores, not get involved in more foreign adventures and every military conflict throughout the world.

Kenn Splitt