To the editor: Take away all of the lies and distractions of the politicians and I believe that two items matter more than any other issue. Without them, the other issues will not exist.

On the one hand, you have a candidate who believes in the Consttution and the Bill of Rights - the things that made our country great.

On the other hand, you have a candidate who is using a socialist/Communitst agenda that will lead, eventually, to a situation where the people work for the government (politicians) instead of the politicians working for the people.

The current president is enforcing only the laws that he agrees with and trying to prevent the states from enforcing laws that he is against.

He has appointed czars who only report to him and not to the people or their elected representatives.

He is working under the radar to dismantle constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms. When the government has arms and the private citizen does not, we are leaving ourselves wide open to a dictatorship, whether it be a person or a political party.

The Democrats at their convention showed that at least half of the delegates did not want to acknowledge that God played and is playing a large part in our country's history. Their aim appears to be the destruction of all religious organizations in our country, with the possible exception of Muslim - they will never agree to the United States taking away their religion.

Last chance. There will be no turning back after another four years of the liberal Democrats running our country.

Charles Pinarowicz