To the editor: At Tuesday's Kulpmont Borough meeting, council once again utilized the carnival type shell game to keep citizens guessing about the progress on the proposed new borough complex.

Truth be told, there were no facts. None.

With the absence of Steve Motyka, none of the other council members offered any information about the status on this important issue.

My presence was once again to ask council to stop proceedings and to reconsider not only the building itself, but the chosen site, until all other options have been exhausted.

When approaching the microphone I was met with body language and negative eye contact by some council members that screamed distain for my attempt to secure facts. This council has repeatedly rejected requests by citizens to create an open forum to discuss the best way to proceed with improving our borough facilities. The million-dollar folly that they are orchestrating, void of taxpayer input, exhibits all the backroom politics which most communities have grown to distrust.

Yes, a meeting was held in August 2012 for public input, but attendance at that gathering was basically non-existent. However, it must be stated that no information was going to be available for public review because from that date up to a meeting this February, nothing was physically drafted and present for examination.

I had visited borough hall on numerous occasions asking to see plans and proposed expenses for both the new building and for repairs on the present structure. Every time the shells were shifted, and I was told that nothing was available to review.

Council, when pressed for figures over the last year, only provided guesstimates of repairs. Then, when on behalf of a group of concerned taxpayers, I pressed further for concrete figures, a proposal was presented at the March meeting that was extremely blown out of proportion, totaling $2.5 million to put basic repairs on our present borough hall.

Kulpmont taxpayers do not accept that inflated estimate. People in the field of saving older buildings also agree that the figure was exorbitant. Council has made up their minds on this project.

Last April, a petition was presented to cease and desist the project pending further research. Council refused and discarded the petition. At every meeting, citizens asked to set up a committee to discuss this project. Council listened, shuffled the shells and refused to act. Next, it was requested to place the project on a ballot. Shells were moved again and no action taken. All effort were all rejected by this council.

Why when asked by taxpayers to openly discuss the best road to be traveled in bettering our facilities are citizens shunned, shut down, ignored and disrespected in tone and gestures? Instead of accepting citizen input and assistance to work together and harmoniously arrive at the best choice to help our community, they huddled under their political shell and shut the citizens of Kulpmont out of the process.

Good luck and, of course, when all is said and done, just raise our taxes again to pay for the shell game you played.

Bob Chesney