(The author submitted the following for publication. He read the same statement at the March 12 meeting of Kulpmont Borough Council, during the public comment period.)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Adolph "Al" Blugis. I'm here to find out how you determined that the borough's tentative 2014 budget indicates it is expected taxes may increase as the borough continues its plans for a new borough office and garage to replace its current location, the former Wilson Grade School.

That would be considered a wild guess under the pressure of our current economy. The only positive action would be to obtain an expert estimate.

Your mission is to promote, improve and sustain the quality of life to those of us who reside in this community, and manage our resources efficiently and effectively.

No "capitation" (pre-arrangement) to do something to one's advantage shall be laid or made unless a thorough evaluation of the exact costs of such a move is made.

What would it cost to renovate the current municipal building and garage? Probably far less than it would be to build a new one.

I repeat: obtain an accurate estimate by a professional contractor and then compare it to what a new one would cost, then inform and obtain the general consensus from the residents of the borough.

Adolph "Al" Blugis