To the editor: The website needs fixing, but the problems with the implementation of Obamacare run much deeper than has been discussed - and perhaps not in the way readers think.

Without sinking into the political confusion and just sticking to the facts and difficulties surrounding the go-live moment, anyone with experience in implementing large IT projects will know that until all the details of the Affordable Care Act are known by the website designers in excruciating detail, the website cannot be planned, much less built and implemented.

The ACA law is exceedingly voluminous and complex, with many sub-sub and more subparagraphs that modify how it works in this and that situation. Moreover, the business of administrating this health-care system has never been done before by anyone.

I am certain those originally charged with building the website asked to speak with a government team of experts about how it works in the real world, not how the law appears to work on paper.

But I am nearly as certain that no such team exists, since no one has seen the laws accomplish the purpose for which they were supposedly enacted, with all the logical gears turning and meshing. Although I am an advocate of the ACA law, if I pursue this reasoning further, I fear this letter will be deemed political in nature, so here I stop.


Kenn Splitt