To the editor: Well, it's election time again and school board member Tracey Witmer is doing what she does best: criticize.

She never has a solution to any problem, she just puts people down who try to do the job they were elected to do. I will put my four years on the board against her eight years anytime.

A smart man once said, "If you sit back and do nothing, you will never be criticized." I am just the opposite. I get things done. And I am not going to apologize to anyone for doing the job I was elected to do. But to be able to do that, you must be able to work with people and the people must be able to work with you. And therein lies the problem.

Her letter was nothing more than a political attack on me. She is not running for reelection, but is backing at least two of the candidates who are running. I will not play into her plan to make this election negative. I respect anyone who puts their name on the ballot, especially for Shamokin Area School Board.

As I said in my announcement for reelection, I am a hands-on school director. I take it very seriously. I meet with Superintendent Jim Zack daily to discuss school business, sign checks, sign papers, etc. To say Jim is entertaining me is nonsense. He isn't doing any magic tricks, singing any songs, nor juggling. It is all business. Remember, our superintendent's name is Jim Zack, not Jim Carrey.

Mrs. Witmer said she gave me the presidency. This is true because she quit. What she doesn't tell you is that leading up to the reorganization meeting this past December, a certain board member tried to get her the presidency back and there was no support for her, so I was nominated and elected on a 9-0 vote.

As far as the money raised for our Fit for Fun campaign that helped to offset the cost of running our swimming pool, $9,803.66 was deposited into the general fund. This is the only account where it could be deposited; all district bills are paid from this account. In her letter, she said Mr. Zack and I could not explain where the $10,000 I allegedly raised went. This is true. Since then I found out: $2,274.99 went to Aqua Chemical Supply, $5,148 was paid to our pool maintenance mechanic, $2,061.79 was paid to Kreco Electric for a motor, $1,159.50 went to Shamokin Welding Supply and $1,178.20 to Wilson Testing Laboratories, for a total of $11,822.38. As you can see, the money doesn't go very far. The estimated cost to run our pool is in the neighborhood of $100,000 per year.

So on May 21, if you like my hands-on approach, I would appreciate your vote and I promise you I will keep working hard on behalf of everyone involved in the Shamokin Area School District.

Thank you

Brian G. Persing

Shamokin Area School Board President