To the editor: This letter is about a couple hundred young female basketball players who raised $880.25 for the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall through the Shamokin Youth Basketball League's Moving Wall Tournament.

Girls from four school districts - Shamokin Area, Mount Carmel Area, Southern Columbia Area and Line Mountain - all have heroes on "the wall" from their schools. They played their hearts out for medals that have the name, "Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall," on them. They are one of a kind.

These female athletes never knew the people behind the names on the wall. But they will never forget the history they will always be part of. To the local league of veterans, these girls are heroes. We will salute you all by placing your poster on the field at the wall when it visits Tharptown on Memorial Day weekend. One tribute deserves another.

Soon after your tournament, President Obama presented long overdue Medals of Honor to 24 veterans, including some from the Vietnam War.

So let the truth be known - they're not just names on a wall. They are someone's son, husband or father. Today, they could be someone's grandfather.

Go forward and live free, a soldier will guard over you all. Thank you.

Sol Bidding

Vietnam veteran

Coal Township