To the editor: I agree with Kenn Splitt that there are limitations to our First Amendment freedoms. However, who is it that obeys those limits? Is it not the law-abiding citizens? Yelling fire in a crowded theater is against the law, but can any law stop someone from doing just that? No, the person can only suffer the consequences of their action after the deed is done.

Would it be right to gag everyone as they enter the theater so they don't yell? Of course not.

As for our Second Amendment right, who obeys the gun laws we now have? Is it not the law-abiding citizens? No amount of laws can stop someone from doing harm to someone else. Criminals do not obey laws.

Taking guns from law-abiding citizens will not stop criminals from acquiring guns illegally. Criminals will not hand over their guns. If law-abiding citizens are unarmed, there will be more violence, because we will not be able to defend ourselves or others.

Wouldn't any parent be grateful if their child was in a theater, someone starts shooting, and someone with a concealed weapon would shoot the gunman before he shoots your child? Or, would it be better to just wait for the police to get there?

I know at this time the government isn't saying that they are going to take all guns, but who hasn't heard the old saying: "Give them an inch, they will take a yard"? If they take our semi-automatics, and shootings continue, which they will, what will their next step be?

Louise Noll Logic

Coal Township