To the editor: Once again, I am writing to voice my displeasure concerning the cancelation of the Weis Markets circular in the Sunday News-Item.

The thing I find most troubling is that Boyer's, Walmart, Boscov's, Dick's Sporting Goods, CVS, Rite Aide, even Giant, which does not have a store in our area, still put circulars in our newspaper.

This tells me they want our business and appreciate us as valued customers. They want to share their specials and pass the savings onto us without having to go out of our way to get the circular.

I waited several weeks to write my second letter on this subject to see Weis' response to the many callers who took the time to call and let them know their displeasure in canceling the circulars. I would like to say thank you to all the callers on behalf of myself and all the senior citizens who couldn't call in.

I was hoping Weis Markets would have responded by saying we appreciate your calls and concerns and are taking it under advisement. This did not happen.

What appears to be - and I hope I am wrong - is that Weis is thinking, don't comment and all this will go away in due time. We deserve more than no response. This only tells me maybe Weis shouldn't be our first choice to shop.

And we do have choices: Boyer's, Irish Isle, Anthracite Provisions, Bressi's Market, Giant, Walmart, Masser's Farm Market, the downtown farmers' market and others.

I am asking those of you who are able to shop at our other choices to exercise your right to shop where you're not just offered a "preferred shopper card" but where you are truly a valued customer.

This is not what we are about. I would hope this doesn't have to come to this. All we are asking is to be treated the same as the Susquehanna Valley communities. Nothing more, nothing less.

John "Skip" Rabuck

Coal Township