To the editor: Since I am a native of Shamokin and now live in Reading, a relative sent me the article "Proactive approach to blight paying off," dated Aug. 30.

To my surprise, a photo that accompanied the story was of the house that my family lived in for 20 years. We moved out of the house in 1955 to another residence and then moved to Reading in 1958.

My brother, Tom Lesniak, and I (Dee Lesniak Stuebner) visited Shamokin in August. He wanted to visit all the places that were of interest to our parents, John and Catherine Lesniak.

Needless to say, we were both in total disbelief when we saw the condition of the house on Lynn Street. We had chatted with a neighbor and were informed that after we moved from the house in 1955, no one took occupancy of the property.

In reading your article, I am so glad that, finally, the Kolody family were charged with these many code violations. The neighbors on this street, from what we could see, try very hard to keep their properties decent while the Kolody property is in shambles. It's a total disgrace to a nice neighborhood and the township.

The Kolodys need to be accountable for their lack of responsibility or suffer the consequences of their actions.

Thank you for writing the article.


Dee Lesniak Stuebner