To the editor: Having read Commissioner Vinny Clausi's letter, I felt the need to make some observations.

The waters of Northumberland County politics have always been rather choppy; however I think we have reached a new low. There has always been an expectation of a certain level of behavior in the private and the public sector. An aide in a skilled-nursing facility or a checker in a store will not be employed long if they exhibit crude and crass behavior. And that is actually more significant in the public sector, where people are employed with taxpayer money and/or are elected. Behavior has to be circumspect, and nothing less should be acceptable.

I was thinking of a courtroom, and if Commissioner Clausi behaved as he often does in a courtroom, he would be readily fined, possibly ejected and, in certain cases, jailed if certain behaviors occur.

As far as I am concerned, professional behavior is not just acceptable in this position - it should be demanded. There are certainly ways to deal with incompetence and conflict in a way that befits that office, and I don't see it occurring often.

This kind of behavior does not result in doing much good; it creates fear and anger. We have seen anger turn to levels of violence again and again in America, and I keep hoping we don't see it in our county. We do have a level of the media that condones this kind of crassness and crudity, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good for the country as a whole.

As for running a private business and the assumption that in the private sector things are always done better -that is hardly always correct. And this is not my observations of Mr. Clausi as a businessman at all. We see people working for low wages with cut hours and no benefits or pension and a reluctance of some businesses to raise the minimum wage. Commissioner Clausi indicates these county positions are "part time," but is that part of the job description? If it is indeed part time, then it should be reflected in the job description, and these people should only be in the office for part of the time, not 37 or 40 hours a week. However, if you are drastically cutting the wages of a full-time job, obviously the quality of person for that job will decline.

I have seen some comparisons to other local counties and they are slightly higher in Northumberland County, but not greatly so, and the counties I checked had lower populations for the most part.

I urge the residents of Northumberland County to condemn and demand change in the behavior of elected officials. We elect these people to office; we should demand a certain level of professionalism.

Alexis Fasolka

Marion Heights