To the editor: I would like to complement members of the Mount Carmel Area High School music department on the beautiful holiday concert they performed. The choral selections were delivered in beautiful, well-balanced four-part harmony.

I was pleased with the introduction of the newest member of the music department, Miss Hoops. Her enthusiasm was refreshing. I especially enjoyed the selection performed by the young women's chorus. It was delightful.

The symphonic band performance was beyond my expectations. My complements to Mr. Stellar. I especially appreciated the musical dynamics utilized in the selected numbers. It takes a very special conductor to obtain the changes in dynamics that are tantamount to elicit such an emotional performance. The obvious discipline of the young musicians was equivalent to that of any seasoned musician. My favorite selection of the evening was the moving rendition of "Silent Night." I closed my eyes and was overcome with emotion.

As a community, we are blessed to have a department so dedicated to the continuation of music in our schools, to have parents who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to encourage appreciation of the arts in their children, and especially to have the young men and women of our school district who, through their dedication, make us proud to be part this community.

Thank you for the gift of your talents. I look forward to your continued performances.

Sandy Beaver-Krebs

Locust Gap