To the editor: We just want everyone to be aware of a problem with caregivers and their W-2s. If we file our taxes using the W-2 forms we received from Christian Financial Management (CFM), Pittsburgh, we are going to be in trouble with the IRS and state and local tax offices.

This problem started in July when Gov. Corbett's budget cuts forced 36 companies down to three that pay caregivers of the handicapped and disabled. It started with us not getting paid for weeks on end, then when we got paid, the pay rates were wrong or they didn't sign our checks.

In January, they sent papers for us to check to make sure their earnings totals matched those from our pay stubs, which they did not. We called and they sent W-2 forms on Feb. 28 and March 6 that were still incorrect. None of the totals match our pay stubs.

Attached to the W-2 forms was this note: "Enclosed is your CFM 2012 W-2. This information is based on our records and your response, if any, to our correspondence. ... As this is being submitted to federal, state and local taxing authorities, please contact them with any questions. We will not be able to revise or reissue W-2s for 2012."

CFM has filed bankruptcy and closed its doors. If you call them, all you get is a recording saying, "If you feel your W-2 is incorrect, e-mail or fax and tell us what is wrong." We have faxed our information, but still have not heard back.

If you are a caregiver, take a good look at your W-2 forms and your pay stubs before you file your taxes so you don't end up in tax trouble.

Carol Bills

and Annemarie Fariello