To the editor: I feel I have to respond to Mr. Stephen Jeffery's letter, not only for myself, but for the people of Burnside.

As for your remark, "So what if they used a little water for the safety of the riders." What about the safety of the people of Burnside? We were without water for three hours. All we had was a trickle of water. What if there was a fire?

We only have one hydrant in Burnside, and what right does East Cameron Township Fire Company have to come use our hydrant? It would have been just as close for them to go into Gowen City, where I'm sure there is more than one hydrant. Should there have been a fire, by the time they got a tanker here, it would have been too late. There are a lot of elderly people in Burnside and my neighbor has three small children under the age of 7, what about them?

You are a fireman, Mr. Jeffery, and if I'm correct, the only way a hydrant should be opened is to be flushed or in an emergency. I don't think the AOAA park is considered an emergency.

If you think this park is such a great thing, come to Burnside on the weekend and put up with ATVs running up and down the highway 24 hours a day. As far as the trash, I heard that once a month they have a cleanup, but it's our locals who are doing it. We had people from Maryland and New Jersey parking up here to unload their ATVs, and when they left, they didn't take their garbage with them.

My family has been riding these mountains for years. We respect what we have. What about families who enjoy riding and aren't going to be able to pay for a permit? Is this fair to them? I know families who camp there with small children; this is the only thing they can afford to do.

Several years ago we looked into getting land for a football field and softball fields up here for the kids, since there is a shortage of fields. In one weekend, Sunbury took in $8,000 with a softball tournament.

A big deal was made out of the reclamation of this land; now look what they did - they ripped it up again.

In closing, it's not just the locals causing trouble. After living here for 30 years, you get to know the ones who ride past your house. On the weekends, it's the out-of-towners racing up and down the mountain, not only with ATVs but with their big, fancy trucks.

It is not fair to the people of Burnside to have to deal with this on the weekends.

Darlene Zurick