To the editor: Among other inaccuracies in his recent column, Walter Brasch erroneously states that Gov. Corbett cut the budgets of state owned universities by half.

While an inherited structural deficit of $4.2 billion made it necessary to reduce spending, state university budgets were reduced by an average of 12 percent. This fact could easily have been checked with a single telephone call to the state Department of Education.

Mr. Brasch also leaves the misimpression that the governor's trade missions to Europe and South America conflicted with his positions about reduced government spending. The state did not pay for those trips. The missions, which resulted in increased investment and jobs in Pennsylvania, were financed in their entirety by Team PA, a private-sector economic development organization.

One of the more risible distortions is Mr. Brasch's use of the partisan talking points about Pennsylvania falling from seventh to 49th in job creation. These are rates of growth as measured and ranked by Arizona State University. They measure growth against the existing number of jobs - meaning a state with 1,000 jobs that gains another 1,000 has a 100 percent rate of growth, while a state with 10,000 jobs that adds 2,000 has a 20 percent rate. The question is: which state has created more jobs?

In 2010, Pennsylvania was ranked ninth in job growth rate, but added only 5,000 jobs. In 2011, we ranked 44th, after adding 60,000 jobs. Which year was better?

Space precludes a point-by-point response to Mr. Brasch's column, but suffice it to say we have shown three instances of the clock striking 13. When it does that, it doesn't merely tell the wrong time. It calls into question every hour tolled before and after.

Dennis Roddy

Office of the Governor