To the editor: I am currently attending Luzerne County Community College, Northumberland campus. I am doing a class presentation on House Bill No. 683, known as the Ag Gag Bill.

I had never heard of this bill before being informed of it by my instructors. After looking over the bill, my understanding is that it will limit actions on whistle blowers about animal cruelty. Such cruelty includes cutting off the beaks of chickens or herds of large cattle living in their own filth in barns.

First, I am concerned about the treatment of animals - all animals. Maybe PETA or the ASPCA are aware of such treatment or living conditions. But if we are not allowed to tell of such conditions if this bill is passed, how, then, can we better the treatment of animals we use for human consumption?

The government is not giving up any information freely to the public by making any media announcements of ads. So how will the public know that their freedom of speech rights have been violated under the First Amendment?

I am asking you to maybe print a small news article in your local paper to make the public more aware of this bill the government is trying to slip under the door.

If this bill passes, what other rights may be taken away from U.S. citizens? I care about what is being fed to the animals I eat; you probably do, too. But how will we know if this bill passes?

Thank you for your concern.

Walter F. Borkoskie