To the editor: Most of today's big media news outlets - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and PBS - are a joke. Our foreign embassies were attacked on Sept. 11 and big media's reaction to this crisis was to direct hard questions and criticism to the Republican presidential contender? Our president did not take questions from the media, and the media did not demand answers. Instead, they aided the administration and blamed the cause of the riots on a movie rather than question our flawed foreign policy.

Big media has become a club of mental adolescents who recoil from responsibility and reflexively smear honest adult authority. They, and many on the far left, judge and require perfection from the right, but hold the left to dangerously low standards. This media advances agendas rather than honestly report the facts. The minority media, consisting of those "unsophisticated" small government conservatives, are at least asking questions to uncover the truth.

Elites on the far left confiscate and redistribute their neighbors' earnings. Big media supports them and manipulates the truth to further this common cause. These groups advocate redistribution in charity's and equality's name, but we know the truth; a lot of this is theft, charity is voluntary.

Big media and big government advocates, who profit from our confiscated taxes, tap into people's anger, envy and fears. It divides us, and expands their power and control. It does not advance truth and freedom, but violates the spirit of free speech and press. These antics have been continuing for far too long. It's no longer time for big media jokes. We, the people, want the truth - seriously.

Malcom Farrow V

Paxinos RR