To the editor: Congressman Lou Barletta, please do your job, and vote to keep our government operating and pay the debt that the government has already assumed. That's all we're asking.

Stop bringing politics into the mix. Stop trying to appeal Obamacare.

Obamacare has nothing to do with the debt ceiling. In fact, repealing Obamacare or any provision of Obamacare would actually increase the nation's debt.

Obamacare is currently the law, after surviving a vote in Congress, the vote of the American people in the 2012 election (which Mitt Romney forced a mandate on the law by vowing to repeal it) and surviving the constitutional challenge before the Supreme Court.

If you don't think the law is perfect, than campaign to improve the law the next time you're up for re-election. But please stop holding our nation hostage and attempting to dismantle our democratic framework.

The Republicans are also trying to put the government back together piecemeal - voting to put agencies back to work that the Republicans support. Agencies that the Republicans don't approve of will stay closed.

Meanwhile, across the nation, hundreds of thousands are out of work; crucial services that the government provides are left undone; businesses, small and large, are losing revenue; and programs that help the poor, the elderly, the sick and veterans, are offline.

You can be a leader and go to your Republican counterparts in the House and encourage them to do what is right. The Democrats have introduced a way out for congressmen who want to get the government back to work. Sign the petition to force a vote and stop this shutdown.

Nicole Faraguna