To the editor: I read the recent letter to the editor written by attorney Greg Stuck, a friend of attorney Richard Shoch, who is also a Northumberland County commissioner. The content of the letter centered on Commissioner Vinny Clausi and the opinion of both attorneys that he is responsible for the repayment of funds to the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

I agree the issue must be resolved, but placing the blame on Mr. Clausi at this time is beginning to look like a political ploy to me. I appreciate the effort put forth by Mr. Shoch, who presented his case through his eyes. We must hear all sides and all must have their say before the blame, if any, is placed for what I'll call poor control of the grant by DCED and poor control of the distribution of the funds.

Regardless of how the problem came to light, which is questionable at the least, someone dropped the ball at some point.

How sad, however, that an individual who has done so much good for the taxpayers of Northumberland County has been pummeled for not being able to read fast enough to please attorney Stuck. I believe that after five years of public service, Vinny has proved that he did read fast enough to have cleaned up the rotten, cancerous state of affairs that had developed. As I understand it, Mr. Clausi was to be inactive for six weeks following his surgery, which in itself is very stressful. Having to defend himself against such premature and unwarranted charges at this time makes it smell even more like politics.

It's my hope that when the dust settles, the three commissioners will get down to working together in solving the serious problems facing the taxpayers of the county.

Phyllis Lippay

Coal Township