To The Editor:

I am truly appalled at the circus going on in our nation's capital.

Many incumbent congressional Republicans fear a primary challenge from the hard right. The numerous Tea Party representatives have used this very real threat to capture control of the House of Representatives.

With the House of Representatives behind them, spending resolutions and debt limit increases have been taken hostage.

Now our economy and investments are approaching another precipice. To avoid a future of bad politics and a bad economy, we must vote out those in the Tea Party. Most of the Tea Party zealots represent an electorate as goofy as themselves.

In the short run, we are stuck with them. Since there is no way to impeach and throw out the entire bunch. I suggest we take a good, long look at our future candidates.

We must elect legislators from both parties who are more moderate and willing to work together to solve problems.

We need to be very careful of candidates who advertise themselves as conservative or liberal.

This growing partisanship can only lead to more such confrontations in the future, and it will ultimately undermine and weaken this great country.


Kenn Splitt