Letters to the Editor
To the editor: In the run­up to the 2012 presidential election, a number of e­mails circulated portraying President Obama negatively and asking recipients to forward the information to as many people as possible. The problem was that most of the "informa (read more)
To the editor: Imagine if people throughout the world could master these principles, our world would certainly be a much better place. When you love, you are loved. When you care for others, you are cared for. When you give of yourself abundantly, you ga (read more)
To the editor: Over the years, one of my favorite old-time TV shows has been "The Honeymooners." The ranting and raving of Ralph Kramden and the antics of Ed Norton, Alice and Trixie never fail to elicit a good laugh, even though I've seen each episode s (read more)
To the editor: When I was growing up, I used to bring home stray dogs. Each time, I would ask my mom if we could keep it. Her answer was always no. I would ask why, and her reply was that it didn't belong to us. She'd tell me we had to find out who owned (read more)
To the editor: School fundraising season is set to begin. Did you know that the Box Tops for Education program will give the Shamokin Area Elementary PTA up to $20,000 in "free money" this school year? But here is the catch: To get the money, we have to (read more)
To the editor: As corrections officers who deal with more than 40,000 inmates in Pennsylvania state prisons, we accept the danger of our work. It comes with the job. What we cannot accept is when our officers are savagely injured by inmates due to a seri (read more)
To the editor: In light of the article published Aug. 20, I would like to clarify a few items. It is my belief that anyone looking at the performance of an organization should in fact get their research correct before making any accusation or statement o (read more)
Dear Editor: What is it going to take to get our history out of the basement of Northumberland County Courthouse? It has been months and what has been done? Only more water with sewage. We were asked by Commissioner Rick Shoch in the beginning of May to (read more)
My mom was born in 1929, my dad in 1937. Despite the eight-year age difference, they shared a common generational characteristic: they were raised during hard times. My mom was born almost exactly one month before Black Monday - the start of the Great D (read more)
To the editor: Upon attending the Re-Creation concert on Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church in Mount Carmel, I feel compelled to comment on the performance. These young adults presented an amazing performance. All were impeccably dressed, with the men in su (read more)
Northumberland County Commissioner Richard Shoch issued this public statement at Tuesday's prison board meeting regarding firing of the warden. Below is a second letter from Shoch, that of his resignation as prison board vice chairman, also read Tuesday. (read more)
I am hereby resigning as the vice chair of the Northumberland County Board of Prison Inspectors, commonly known as the "prison board." While I will continue to be a member of this board, and I will continue to work independently with the many volunteer g (read more)
To the editor: Aug. 16 is a significant date in American culture. It marks the passing of Babe Ruth (1948) and Elvis Presley (1977) and, locally, the closing of Harry's Restaurant. Like many local residents, it will be a while before the finality becomes (read more)
To the editor: I am writing this letter to voice my concern about the Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau upset sale. I noticed in the advertisement for the sale one name in particular: Apartments and Acquisitions LP. I have no idea who they are or wh (read more)
To the editor: We recently had a fundraiser in the form of a lemonade stand to benefit the Down Syndrome Society of the Susquehanna Valley. My youngest granddaughter, Ava Marlene Showers, has Down syndrome and this is a cause my family and I have thrown (read more)