Letters to the Editor
HARRISBURG - In testimony before the House State Government Committee, Pennsylvania State Education Association President Mike Crossey urged legislators to learn from past mistakes on pension issues and stay away from proposals that make the pension debt (read more)
To the editor: The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is encouraged by legislation being proposed by Sen. Ryan Aument and Rep. Stephen Bloom that would provide school districts flexibility in managing their professional staff. Currently, school distr (read more)
To the editor: I've been watching the battle between the council and citizens in Kulpmont. I know, I'm not from Kulpmont, and maybe some will say stay out of our business. You're right, but I thought a month ago when citizens said Bob Chesney should run (read more)
I graduated from Shenandoah Valley high school in 1981, before most of my students here in Suzhou, China, were born. In my high school days, there was no Internet, computers and spellcheckers on cell phones. The ability to instantly communicate is someth (read more)
To the editor: After reading the headlines March 12 on the Line Mountain teachers proposal, I can't sit back and not comment. It is time to speak up. The arbitrator, William Caldwell, gets to hear the teachers' side and the school board's side; and now, (read more)
To the editor: As many of you had read in the Wednesday account of Kulpmont's recent borough council meeting, a local contractor was reimbursed past payment for completed work. Sound logical? Yes, it does. The borough code officer took it upon himself to (read more)
To the editor: After four years of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate, Pennsylvania is a mess. Republican politicians such as Kurt Masser, Lynda Schlegel Culver and John Gordner have been useless w (read more)
To the editor: There is no shame in Pennsylvania today. Shopping at a local grocery store after a long day at work, I observed how busy it was. I thought there was some kind of crisis. People were filling their grocery carts - not one, but two or three c (read more)
To the editor: This letter is being written in response to the multiple letters Mr. Shuey has written over the past three years about my wife, Maxine. Yes, I am a school board member and, yes, my wife was promoted to child accounting/transportation after (read more)
To the editor: Mr. Rabuck's assertion that Pennsylvania state stores generate a large amount of revenue is true, but he failed to acknowledge that the lack of retail competition sets inflated prices on their products that are less expensive in other stat (read more)