Letters to the Editor
To the editor: How many babies did you kill today, Mr. Abortion Man? How many babies did you throw away, Mr. Abortion Man? The Supreme Court justices, some day they'll pay. To kill millions of babies, they said OK. And those feminist groups, we all know (read more)
To the editor: I want to thank Greg Maresca for the outstanding article he wrote about a true American hero, Coal Township native and Shamokin Area High School graduate Ron raker. First when you read this story, which was published in the Sunday edition (read more)
To the editor: In the editorial section, Walter Brasch wrote about offensive words used to describe President Obama in particular and Democrats in general. Above that article was a column by Greg Maresca with some of those same offensive words. For examp (read more)
To the Editor: The recent depiction of the MCA School District and board of directors in The News-Item is a personal perspective and very subjective, and doesn't represent the true sentiment of the majority of the taxpayers in the district. We would like (read more)
To the editor: After months of serious consideration, effective Jan. 4, I have resigned as a member of the Mount Carmel Area Board of Education. I have resigned because there has been a fundamental shift in the district's mission statement, which has neg (read more)
To the editor: On behalf of all the coordinators of the Coal Crackers Club, we would like to say thank you to the many friends who have been instrumental in our success. Thank you to The News-Item, especially Andy Heintzelman, the editor, who has continu (read more)
To the editor: I'd like to address Kulpmont Borough Council. The new year is here. That typically signals a new start for every aspect of community life. It presents a time to honestly look at our decision- making strategies and reach out to friends and (read more)
To the editor: For the record, I was a teacher at Mount Carmel Area High School for 13 years, leaving the district in 1982. I then entered the business world and worked in sales for an international company. However, I've always followed the changes in o (read more)
Dear Editor: I am taking this opportunity to give a heart-filled thank you to all the individuals and organizations who graciously donated to the "Baby Mary Memorial" fund to replace the grave marker that was recently stolen from her grave site in Orchar (read more)
The following letter was written to Tom Kutza, who, through his special connection to the North Pole, coordinates the Letters to Santa project each year for The News-Item. The author OK'd it for use as a letter to the editor. Dear Tom, You know, I always (read more)
To the editor: The U.S. should learn from our previous missteps with Cuba. Do we simply forget or ignore the past? Should we be more cautious? We do tend to repeat mistakes. Do you recall the "duck-and-cover" drills in grade school classrooms in the late (read more)