Letters to the Editor
Photo: N/A, License: N/A, Created: 2013:02:07 20:30:54 The Northumberland County Council for the Arts and Humanities (NCCAH) was established to enhance the quality of life, economic development and tourism in Northumberland and surrounding counties through promotion of the arts for all age groups, by offerin (read more)
One month has passed since Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the state budget. The goal should be to enact a budget built upon fact versus one built on the propaganda being circulated by the governor and special interest groups from Washington, D.C. Gov. Wolf and his (read more)
To the editor: In the Tuesday, July 21, issue of The News-Item, the headlines described the $1.7 million road construction project on Route 61 in the Weigh Scales area. PennDOT added a turning lane for 61 North to access Bridge Street at the Wayside Inn (read more)
To the editor: I would like to share with Kulpmont residents my account of the two "stinkholes/sinkholes in the borough. Why am I calling them "stinkholes?" Because the entire scenario "stinks," if you ask me. For starters, our borough receives "liquid f (read more)
To the editor: An article entitled "Education tax shift requires proper balance" appeared recently in the In Our Opinion segment of the newspaper. The writer favored a balanced approach that would combine lower property taxes and other taxes when changin (read more)
To the editor: When I read a news article in which U.S. Rep. Bob Brady called Joe Sestak "free thinking," I thought he was about to endorse him. I came to realize that he was explaining why he preferred another candidate. I don't know how things are in P (read more)
To the editor: In my opinion, the court case involving Shamokin Area School District is being held under the wrong jurisdiction. Northwestern Human Services is a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state. Likewise, Shamokin (read more)
To the editor: Northumberland County Republican Party Chairwoman Elizabeth Kremer reportedly stated that our Libertarian party candidates for county commissioner, sheriff and Shamokin Area School board are "not truly viable." It seems that the GOP has fo (read more)
To the editor: President Obama commands diversity everywhere. In the past we enjoyed the safety of living in small-town America. Today that option will no longer be our choice. We will be forced to live among people with a very different set of values th (read more)
To the editor: I think it's a sad turn of events and a slap in the face of America's history because one man has his picture taken with a Confederate flag, then murders nine people and forces us to forget the brave men who fought for their rights and not (read more)
To the editor: Seven months into office. Gov. Tom Wolf is stuffing the mailboxes of Pennsylvanians (including thousands of households in my senatorial district) with attack mailers instead of attempting to work with me and my colleagues in the General As (read more)
To the editor: Inmate Zachary Stoss, who voluntarily pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) and is serving consecutive 5 to 10 years sentences for two counts of drug delivery resulting in death, recently penned a letter from inside SCI-Camp Hill claiming d (read more)
To the editor: I am writing to give you and fellow citizens and taxpayers of Northumberland County a firsthand account of how we Northumberland County inmates are mistreated on a daily basis at SCI-Coal Township. I am serving a six-month sentence for vio (read more)
To the editor: Walter Brasch's op-ed, "Gun Control and the NRA," is typical spin to push a liberal agenda while avoiding the truth and not having the courage to attack the culture of violence that's an out-of-control epidemic in large cities around this (read more)
To the editor: I'm writing this letter in regards to the article Charles Picarella Jr. wrote about disparate sentencing and Michael McCarthy's letter in reply. Let me say I don't know either of them, nor am I from the Northumberland County area. I get th (read more)
To the editor: In 1974 the Supreme Court made clear that prisoners do not forfeit all constitutional protection by reasons of their conviction and confinement. "But though his rights may be diminished by the needs and exigencies of the institutional envi (read more)
When the news first broke about the heartbreaking murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle in San Francisco earlier this month, the first person I thought of was Derek Kichline, formerly of Hazleton. The connection was made not because the two knew each other (read more)
To the editor: I read many Sound Off calls about how our area is being invaded by undesirables lured in by greedy slumlords. The callers complain abut drugs and other criminal acts, and rightfully so. This didn't happen overnight. It goes back to many ye (read more)
To the editor: Recently, President Obama stated that all white people have a privileged way of life. Obviously, the president has little knowledge of our coal region history. So, here are a few facts. Our ancestors emigrated to the United States to work (read more)
Cruise Sponsors The Kulpmont Cruise Committee has expressed appreciation to sponsors for their contributions to this year's event. "The donations they give us help to buy the awards for the cruisers, pay for the DJ, facilities, the Victorian High Wheeler (read more)