Letters to the Editor
To the editor: Mr. Rabuck's assertion that Pennsylvania state stores generate a large amount of revenue is true, but he failed to acknowledge that the lack of retail competition sets inflated prices on their products that are less expensive in other stat (read more)
To the editor: When the issue of too much money in politics is raised as the result of the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, the concern is that individuals and organizations will unduly influence the outcome of elections and affect the way th (read more)
To the editor: Much like Wile E. Coyote, who is in constant pursuit of the ever-elusive Road Runner, state Rep. Mike Turzai has yet again advanced his plan to privatize the state liquor store system. House Bill 466, formerly House Bill 790, formerly Hous (read more)
To the editor: I am writing to ask all Pennsylvanians to write or call your state representative and senator to ask them to vote "no" on House Bill 466, which would privatize the sale of wine and spirits in the commonwealth. This bill will not benefit al (read more)
To the editor: I am sure many of you have read of the argument that took place between Jeff Kashner and me at the recent meeting of the Shamokin Area School Board. As a member of the board, I feel I owe an explanation to the district's taxpayers. First, (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont's latest borough council meeting continued to be a display of dodge ball, with citizens posing questions and council either dodging the answers or not answering at all. The target trying to be struck has remained the same since co (read more)
To the editor: Perhaps leaders of our state government who have promised to place public education as a top priority will review the need to revise curriculum objectives, graduation requirements and vocational education programs. It is evident that many (read more)
To the editor: In response to Mr. Clausi's comments in The Sunday News Item: The Northumberland County weatherization department was not aware of the elderly women until approximately one month ago. As for Mr. Clausi's allegation that weatherization knew (read more)
To the editor: Once again, I cannot let Greg Maresca's column go unchallenged. He refers to "no-go zones" throughout Europe where governments have surrendered sovereignty to Islam's Sharia law. This is not true. Even Fox News apologized for saying as muc (read more)
To the editor: There have been many political articles and viewpoints published in recent weeks. Reading these and paraphrasing some of the information will allow a reader to see striking similarities within the political arena. There is an intermingling (read more)
To the editor: Please excuse the repetition, but perhaps even people as clueless as Kulpmont's council members may "get it" if repeated often enough. Council's proposal is wrong, hopelessly wrong. The site is a dump. The borough will spend as much as $65 (read more)
To the editor: Superintendents from the central Susquehanna region are joining our statewide associations representing school boards, superintendents, finance officers and intermediate units to support the efforts of the Campaign for Fair Education Fundi (read more)
To the editor: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to respond to the commissioners' press release dated Feb. 3. Our country was founded on profound respect for individual freedom and civil liberties. For more than 200 years, people have come to Amer (read more)
To the editor: The House of Representatives will soon vote on H.R. 399, which is "Secure Our Borders First Act of 2015." Immigration reform will never happen if Republicans insist that the first order of business is to secure the border. They want to pr (read more)
To the editor: This is the list of demands I made to the county at the judge-ordered mediation that took place two years ago. I did not ask for a penny for myself, and was seeking more representation and access for the public at large. The agreement was (read more)
The following letter was provided at Tuesday's meeting of the Northumberland County commissioners. Once again Northumber-land County's insurance carrier is, in essence, forcing the county into a settlement, this time in regard to the claim brought by Mr. (read more)