Letters to the Editor
To the editor: Our week was busy and by Thursday evening we were all tired. But since our troop is small, I take my three Cub Scouts to their weekly meeting regardless. This week they met to place flags on veterans' graves in anticipation of Memorial Day (read more)
To the editor: We are all proud to be Americans. We wear our military medals and decorations and we are all in agreement - those who gave the supreme sacrifice are the real heroes. I'd like everyone to think about giving these brave men and women the res (read more)
To The editor: Those of you who know me will agree that I am seldom at a loss for words. I have strong opinions on most issues and have no qualms about expressing them. However, recent events in Baltimore, and the resulting war on our police, had left me (read more)
To the editor: Pennsylvania's state prison correctional officers are disappointed with the passage of Senate Bill 1, which has been labeled so-called "pension reform." Corrections officers work one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs in the commonwe (read more)
To the editor: On behalf of rank-and-file troopers across Pennsylvania, the PSTA is disappointed with the decision not to exempt troopers from SB1. Troopers are the only employee group in the state that has a mandatory retirement age of 60, are excluded (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont Borough Council owes the citizens a public apology for squandering approximately $250,000 of tax money on useless pieces of paper and a duck pond. That money is lost and gone, with nothing to show for it. The entire council should (read more)
To the editor: To all my friends and fellow citizens of Kulpmont Borough, thank you for the last two and half years. Myself along with Walter Lutz and, most of all, your fantastic backing, have sidetracked the fiscal train wreck that was aimed at our tax (read more)
Note: Frederick Russo, 49, of Kulpmont, is accused by police of driving two men charged with selling heroin in a Shamokin day care to Philadelphia to purchase heroin in exchange for drugs and money. He was charged last month and is in prison. To the edit (read more)
To the editor: In an email from Kurt Masser: "Although the Senate State Government Committee recently voted to approve medical cannabis legislation, no action has yet been taken in the House." Another illustration of the ineptitude and backwardness of f (read more)
To the editor: The economic meltdown of 2008, which began on Wall Street and reverberated throughout Main Street, resulted in millions of people losing their pensions, savings, homes and jobs. Six years later, the wealthy have prospered extraordinarily w (read more)
To the editor: The News Item recently reported on the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. It reported that Williams Corp., from Houston, Texas, has been suddenly interested in supporting our local fire departments. It didn't report on plans to run the natural gas (read more)
To the editor: On April 22, I had the pleasure of attending the symphonic band concert at Shamokin Area Middle/High School. What a wonderful way to spend an evening! My granddaughter is fortunate to be a part of the symphonic band, the marching band, the (read more)
To the editor: Recently, the Republican-controlled House passed a bill that exclusively benefits individuals with wealth of more than $5.4 million and couples with wealth more than $10.9 million. Whenever a program that benefits the poor or the middle cl (read more)
To the editor: The second Pennsylvania Extraction Weekend held April 11-12 was sponsored by the Rapid Action Gear and Equipment Co. of Mount Carmel. The training weekend focused on the latest techniques to extricate victims rapidly with limited manpower (read more)