Letters to the Editor
Outsourcing is a concept we now often hear. Sometimes we hear it in a good way when outsourcing increases efficiency and reduces costs. Often, we hear it in a very negative way when there is discussion about America outsourcing jobs to other countries. B (read more)
As part of their observance of National Alcohol Awareness Month, the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Drug and Alcohol Programs released a joint statement about the potential distribution and use of powdered alcohol in the commonwealth. Acting Sec (read more)
To the editor: I am writing regarding the "Crucifix-shaped mural" in your Good Friday edition of the paper. Needless to say, I am appalled at the depiction of our Lord covered in drawings that have no relevance to His deity. The unadorned cross is the mo (read more)
An open letter to Gov. Wolf, Pennsylvania legislators, taxpayers and citizens: The Pennsylvania Casino Industry provides a significant amount of tax revenues for state, county and local budgets. However, the upward surge in gambling revenue since the fir (read more)
To the editor: Rightly or wrongly, we are still in the Middle East, now supporting competing players in the region. In Iraq, we are supporting the Iraqi government forces (Shia Muslims) along with our new best friend, Iran (also Shia), against the Sunni (read more)
To the editor: The major parties are failing us. Positions will go unfilled unless citizens get involved The deadline for candidates to file to run on a "major" party ticket for the May primary has passed. Comparing the list of open positions to those wh (read more)
Federal and state prosecutors have had great success over the last decade in sending high-ranking state officials to state and federal prisons. Almost all of them have been state legislators and staff members who carried out their plots. Yet state Rep. C (read more)
To the editor: I write to clarify points published in your recent story about pensions that incorrectly stated in the first paragraph that legislation I introduced, House Bill 316, "proposes elimination of pension plans for all new hires of municipal pol (read more)
In Chapter 12 of John's Gospel we read of the anointing of the feet of Jesus in Bethany. This story occurs when the Jewish Passover was near and immediately precedes the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where a great crowd waves palms and cries out hosan (read more)
To the editor: The catchphrase "Increased Funding for Education" is a hot political topic, but noticeably absent in the foggy rhetoric is any mention of specific details about a spending plan. There are controversial pro and con opinions debating whether (read more)
To the editor: Retired judges (or their spouses) get an average pension of $68,000 a year. Retired legislators with only 16 years of service receive an average pension of $52,000 a year. Retired state senators at age 50 with at least eight years of ser (read more)
To the editor: By this time everyone has heard the word "autism" combined with other frightening words like "epidemic," "spectrum disorder," "lifelong diagnosis," "neurodevelopmental disorder." You may see news stories about it or hear morsels of statist (read more)
HARRISBURG - In testimony before the House State Government Committee, Pennsylvania State Education Association President Mike Crossey urged legislators to learn from past mistakes on pension issues and stay away from proposals that make the pension debt (read more)
To the editor: The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is encouraged by legislation being proposed by Sen. Ryan Aument and Rep. Stephen Bloom that would provide school districts flexibility in managing their professional staff. Currently, school distr (read more)
To the editor: I've been watching the battle between the council and citizens in Kulpmont. I know, I'm not from Kulpmont, and maybe some will say stay out of our business. You're right, but I thought a month ago when citizens said Bob Chesney should run (read more)
I graduated from Shenandoah Valley high school in 1981, before most of my students here in Suzhou, China, were born. In my high school days, there was no Internet, computers and spellcheckers on cell phones. The ability to instantly communicate is someth (read more)