Letters to the Editor
To the editor: A special thank you goes to the people of the coal region for their support of the show, "Late Nite Catechism," held at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School on Nov. 9. People came from our local area as well as Sunbury, Hegins, Pottsville, (read more)
To the editor: I am writing in response to Sarah DeSantis' article, "Murder in the Mountains." Sarah did an excellent job writing the article. As a family member of one of the boys, I need you to know the pain within the family is still very deep. Trying (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont East End Fire Company's loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to build a banquet hall is a disaster that was inevitable from the beginning. Anyone suggesting that the East End mess is a "private club" matter doesn't (read more)
To the editor: Four advocates for medical marijuana spoke at a forum hosted by the Susquehanna Valley Progressives last week. Some shared their expertise, others their personal stories; but they all made compelling arguments for the legalization of medic (read more)
To the editor: I am an inmate at the Northumberland County Prison (NCP). I have been at the facility since mid-April. The purpose of this letter is to inform the press and the public that the previously postponed "hunger strike" is still imminent. This p (read more)
To the editor: Many people are asking, "How did we get this Broadway show, 'Late Nite Catechism,' to Lourdes Regional?" "Why is it only $20 per person for a ticket?" I saw some TV ads on local television advertising the show to be hosted by the Bloomsbur (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont council president Bruno Varano's letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) destroyed whatever credibility he might have had with the USDA and citizens. The USDA requested an "action plan." Instead, Varano sent errors, mi (read more)
To the editor: We learned in school a long time ago that no companies were allowed to monopolize. It was strictly against the law. Oh, how things have changed. Politicians look the other way today, so people are going to have to stand together to make th (read more)
To the editor: Kulpmont council members, please seriously consider the facts that have been presented to you. The petitions that were signed are real and you had a chance to read them and sign them, but you ignored and never approached me to even look (read more)