This column is nearly one-third through Obama A-Z and you're still not convinced? Some are talking Rushmore when others with a clearer head are partially joshing about rushing the borders to escape a second Obama term.


H is for the hopium and its sordid effects that sends tingles up reporters' legs and keeps those on the federal dole feelin' happy. Arcane platitudes like hope are so much easier to embrace than reality. Now all we can hope for is to undo the damage. And hope that our children and grandchildren can forgive a bamboozled generation for his election.

Human rights never were on the radar because after only days of assuming office, Obama signed the most pervasive abortion legislation ever.

Then there's Attorney General Eric Holder who got the job because Al Sharpton was too occupied. By refusing to turn over documents to Congress relating to "Fast and Furious," Holder was held in contempt of Congress. He is the first attorney general ever to hold this dubious distinction.

Obama desperately desires higher tax rates. Raising tax rates, especially on "the rich," doesn't bode well for Uncle Sam's coffers. What is never explained is how higher rates push money into tax shelters and overseas, meaning lower tax revenues, period. Economic history repeats this lesson time and again, but it is ignored.


I is for income: Data from Sentier Research in The Wall Street Journal reports there were declines in earned income. The irony is, the last time incomes fell this fast was under Jimmy Carter and the last time interest rates were this stagnant was during the Great Depression under FDR. There is certainly no inconsistency with lower income when a Democrat is occupying the White House.

Infestation: There was an invasion of bed bugs at several Charlotte hotels during the Democratic Convention. Never failing to take "advantage of a crisis," the Democrats registered them to vote for Obama in November.

Islam: In Obama's Cairo speech he said, "Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality." Obama maintains Muslims played a major role in the founding of America. This would certainly be news to the Founding Fathers. Obama claims we are not at war with Islam even if it is at war with us through attacks on our embassies last week that coincided with the Sept. 11 anniversary. When Nidal Hasan killed soldiers at Fort Hood while yelling "Allah Akbar," Obama warned everyone "not to jump to conclusions," concluding Hasan's murder spree was an act of "workplace violence."

Industries: Obama continues to wage war on the coal and oil industries, while at the same time squandering nearly $1 trillion subsidizing failed green energy companies, many of which are owned by Obama campaign donors.

Obama looks the other way while Iranians continue to spin centrifuges in reinforced underground bunkers unabated. At the same time, he's requesting Israel, our only true alley in the region, to retreat to their 1967 borders.


Judicial appointments: The number of Obama nominees considered "not qualified" already exceeds the total number opposed during the eight-year administrations of both Clinton and Bush. Expect more of the same in a second term.

Government jobs increased 13 percent, while private sector jobs fell nearly 6 percent, reported Investor's Business Daily. The drawback being government employment doesn't create wealth, private enterprise does. All government does is spend wealth. Apparently, Obama's administration fails to acknowledge the correlation.

Then there's Obama's "Life of Julia" or, as Charles Krauthammer writes, "the most self-revealing parody of liberalism ever conceived who is swaddled and subsidized throughout her life by an all-giving government and the only time she's on her own is at her gravesite." The parody of Julia is she has no family or friends and specifically, no husband. Why should she? Julia is hitched to big brother. There are very good reasons why incestuous relationships are illegal - for now.

Julia's lifetime education is subsidized through grants and tax credits. She works for the government, has free health care and birth control. Forgoing marriage, Julia has a baby regardless and ultimately retires on Medicare and Social Security. Estimates have taxes rising 500 percent to maintain Julia's lifelong entitlements. The Obama administration romanticizes Julia will retire in 2077 with Medicare precisely as it is today even though Medicare is already bankrupting us.

Finally, there's Jimmy. Who would have ever conceived that Jimmy Carter would relinquish his title as the worst modern day president during his lifetime?

As he unequivocally casts his ballot for Obama, Don King rants, "Only in America."

(Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes "Talking Points" for each Sunday edition.)