Regardless of what immigration policy one prefers, your Uncle Sam cannot accomplish anything until he takes control of our borders.

But what if there is no policy?

A sovereign government that fails to secure its borders fails its citizenry, and this is where the federal government has been quite successful.

Whatever happened to that southern border fence and enforcing what immigration laws do exist? Have you ever wondered why immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of what can be done to help those who have broken the law?

Provided Democrats were fleeing into Mexico, how long do you think it would take for Washington to finally finish building that fence? Without proper border control, we have no idea who is entering the United States and what harm they may bring with them - be it terror, criminal enterprise, drugs and disease.

Obama and Congressional Democrats have no problem with the latest unchecked immigration flooding our southern border. After all, the majority of them are poor, illiterate and lawbreakers, making them perfect cannon fodder for Democrats.

This is more than a crisis, but a scandal revealing the ineptness and total lack of leadership from the White House. Recently, when Obama visited Texas, he didn't even bother to visit the border and see firsthand what is transpiring there; rather his real priority beckoned: Democratic fundraising. What college annual fund wouldn't want him upon his retirement? If anything, Obama is Beard's Axiom (follow the money) personified.

This illegal invasion of Texas by future Democrats is politically shrewd. Today, the state is solidly in the Republican's corner in national elections, so weakening the voter base through unrestricted immigration will eventually turn the Lone Star state blue in more ways than one. This is how you establish a permanent, loyal Democratic voting bloc while at the same time fundamentally changing the culture. It also will bankrupt middle class taxpayers. Someone has to foot the bill.

It's the Obama trifecta, and it's succeeding on all fronts.

If there is one nation that knows the value of immigration, it's the United States, but this isn't the turn of the 20th century. Taking in the tired and poor was our mantra a century ago. Today, we live in an entirely different epoch - one filled with terrorism, a shrinking economy, high unemployment and record deficits that cannot sustain such unconstrained immigration. Not to be ignored is the never-ending question of assimilation.

A century ago, European immigrants were adamant about assimilation. They crossed an ocean, not a border to get here, and there was no turning back. They did it without the benefit of multiple social services like Medicaid, food stamps, rent subsides, SSI, HEAP and free Obamaphones. Learning English was at the top of a formidable list, and no multi-lingual government agencies existed to assist them learn, and if it meant taking on more than one job to make ends meet, then so be it. They clearly understood that assimilation was a socioeconomic necessity. Many of us are the grandchildren of those immigrants who made sure that their children learned English as their first tongue, no exceptions.

With all the financial help now available and no urgency to learn proper English, there exists little incentive to assimilate. In fact, assimilation has gotten a bad rap. To assimilate is to sell out your "real" culture. In an irony of the times, every year thousands of people risk their lives coming to America, which they have often been taught back home is the source of their misery.

If anything, governors have the power to act, and Texas governor Rick Perry has done exactly that. Perry ordered 1,000 Texas National Guardsmen to the border, filling the void of leadership abandoned by Obama.

Once upon a time in America, immigrants arrived in search of the liberty that provided both religious freedom and economic opportunity. They did not come for tax-supported handouts.

If we were serious about solving the problem, we would stop subsidizing illegals with free health care, free education and free food, and fine and imprison anyone responsible for hiring them.

Without question, the vast majority of Americans have no problem welcoming legal immigrants who want to succeed and assimilate. The problem is when people come illegally, while seeking handouts. It may be compassionate to give them legal standing to stay, but people who come here illegally break the law and are guilty of committing a crime and should not be rewarded with citizenship.

Why is this so difficult?

(Greg Maresca writes "Talking Points" for each Sunday edition.)