With all due respect to those intrepid military veterans who have served and who still remain embedded, America's longest war isn't in Afghanistan; it's right here at home. The enemy? Christmas.

The coal-in-your-stocking grinches are back and nasty as ever with a budding boulder on their shoulder that is certainly growing more robust than our economy has been in years. No Christmas season would be complete in today's secular society without anguished atheists parading around protesting the birth of a humble Jewish infant more than two millennia ago. They are universally committed to lock Christmas into the closet that gays broke out of.

Each year, there are just too many occurrences to write on comprehensively, but permit me a few highlights of such egocentric nonbelievers who remain committed to emancipating the rest of us from the overbearing and callous chains of Christmas.

Pathetically, there never seems to be a shortage of such examples. In fact, they're breeding like Aunt Rosalie's fruit cakes.

Throughout the long-standing history of our American Republic, no one ever gave a second thought to the display of a simple nativity scene. Manger settings are as traditional as having a glass of eggnog by the Christmas tree being warmed by a yuletide log. They have adorned public squares in the U.S. during Advent for more than two hundred years. In fact, the first crèche dates back to the time of St. Francis of Assisi, who is credited with the tradition that commenced in 1223.

Times have certainly changed.

Atheists have no established identity except for the people, places and things they attack. What besides malice would propel them to force elimination of a nativity scene in Santa Monica's Palisades Park in California after a 60-year tradition? Moreover, a federal judge ruled that "displays of any kind would destroy the turf and obstruct the ocean views in Palisades Park." Strangely, such a supposed obstruction was never a concern prior to 2012. Despite the ever-advancing spirit of Christmas Death, there are committed Christians battling each step who not only must deal with angry atheists, but also with those clowns clad in black robes making a mockery of the federal judiciary.

How long is it before it is illegal for the church to erect a crèche during Advent just because it can be seen from a public road? What about my porch or front yard?

The Salvation Army, one of the most benevolent organizations around, is under increasing attack from gay activists for remaining true to the core Christian beliefs on marriage and family. Like Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army discriminates against no one in serving the dispossessed. However, that hasn't stopped the Associated Students of the University of California at Berkeley who has called for a ban of Salvation Army donation boxes throughout campus. As reported in the Associated Press, numerous gay websites agree and are asking their followers nationwide not to support them, either. Such malevolence only hurts those in true need, but their agenda supersedes all.

Arguably, in one of the most perverse fixations in any yuletide season is tampon Christmas crafts. Yes, you read that right. "Have a holly, jolly, bloody good Christmas with these tampon crafts" is the opening line on the homepage of tamponcrafts.com. The website provides detailed instructions on how to construct nativity scenes out of tampons. It instructs the reader to "Gather 'round the manger for the Christmas Miracle. Their three kings come bearing gold, frankincense, and fresh-scented feminine hygiene products." To show how inclusive the website is, there are also directions on how to make a menorah out of tampons. Why not a crescent moon and the Prophet Mohammed out of tampons for Islam?

Why such selective discrimination?

In any event, American Atheists and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have not said whether they would sue a municipal government that displayed a tampon nativity scene on public property, according to the Catholic League.

League president Dr. Bill Donohue believes they would have no problems funding it. I agree.

Yes, Virginia there is a Grinch, and they are called atheists and their religion is political correctness. And for whatever their reasons, they are angry. Very angry.

Are there any other kind?

Since atheists and gays insist everyone tolerate their requests no matter how ridiculous they are, perhaps, in the spirit and hope of the upcoming New Year, they will make the resolution to discover the virtue of tolerance for themselves.

May all whose eyes fall here weekly have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

(Greg Maresca, a freelance columnist, composes "Talking Points" for each Sunday edition.)