Talking Points
Photo: N/A, License: N/A With the Christmas decorations tucked away and 2015 picking up in stride, football banquets at every level of play across our fruited plain are taking center stage. The first time I attended a Shamokin Indian high school football banquet, if that was t (read more)
Last Jan. 22 was one of the coldest days in Washington, D.C., with the metropolis already frozen under a four-inch blanket of snow. Compounding the situation were wind gusts that plunged the quicksilver to below zero - ideal conditions for polar bears an (read more)
Words of the year: It was a banner year with three vying for the honors: "Manspreading" is when a man spreads his legs, often taking up an empty seat and highlighting once and for all that chivalry really is dead. Then to add another foot on each side is (read more)
Heady headline awards: USA Today: "IRS workers who didn't pay taxes get bonuses." N.Y. Post: "Ebola-infected doctor without borders returns to country without borders." Fiscal Times: "$6 billion goes missing at State Department." I'm constantly misplacin (read more)
The NCAA four-season football bowl embargo against Penn State that lasted only two is now history, but its overall cause and effect certainly will be debated among the Nittany Lion nation for at least another generation. The Nittany Lions were back in th (read more)