Talking Points
 The Ebola virus has infected parts of West Africa and has claimed the life of a Liberian native who recently entered the United States. The Obama administration says there is nothing to be concerned about. No need to panic because they say the disease i (read more)
Parades, protests and plain old pandemonium have always played well in Manhattan.  If it's not a bunch of communists protesting Wall Street, it's gays clamoring to campaign in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Recently, the "People's Climate March" that reso (read more)
Generational inquiry can be, if anything, a humbling and wistful journey. Since the beginning of recorded time, every human epoch has had its time-honored benchmarks and personas.  Derek Jeter, of the New York Yankees, who has now joined his former team (read more)
How have things flipped in recent times? CVS is no longer selling tobacco products; however, some states will sell you marijuana over the counter. Under the deepening embrace of cultural liberalism, America is at once anti-smoking and pro-drugs, a bizarr (read more)