Talking Points
There was a time in politics when mentioning the collapsing destiny of Social Security meant certain death. That's still true, but the prevailing culture has assuaged this axiom, especially if you swim against the tidal wave of the gay movement. Run coun (read more)
Once upon a time, baseball was the undisputed king of sport on the American landscape, but that epoch was a different century, an agrarian era, and the game's fade from prominence is a journalistic old shoe - worn-out and tired. If anything, baseball sti (read more)
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of Christianity. To deny it, one ceases to be Christian. The Resurrection vanquished death and is the penetrating light throughout our fallen world. Without it, there is no salvation, and that is wha (read more)
Federal authorities have investigated suspected Islamic State supporters in all 50 states and found no pattern for those who join their terrorist army. This only complicates efforts to understand and put an end to terrorist recruiting, according to a rec (read more)