Talking Points
Besides piles of snow, black ice, cinders and salt to go along with other mixed-in uninvited debris, the berm was quite busy with a lot of buzz and plenty of news that in some instances the mainstreamer conveniently shelved.   n Of particular interest (read more)
It's been years since the majority of Americans were glued to NBC, CBS or ABC for their nightly source of news. The news anchor era ended some time ago, perhaps when Walter Cronkite retired. It's a sure bet that few, if any, can name the anchor of each n (read more)
Most people would never leave their homes and stroll into the Alaskan wilderness dreadfully unprepared like Christopher McCandless did in the 1996 best seller, "Into the Wild." There are certainly many places on this blue planet where we just don't ventu (read more)
Religion, politics, protests and mass murder - everything that would spark envy in the cold bones of Agatha Christie. But this is not a novel or science fiction. It is the 21st century and you are there with a front row seat, snug in your living room arm (read more)