Talking Points
Labeling someone a racist is the scarlet letter of the 21st century. Arguably, it is one of the worst monikers you can hang on any one individual in con (read more)
Christians who own a bridal shop in Bloomsburg refused to serve a lesbian couple, saying that they cannot in good conscience lend their services to lesbian nuptials. Naturally, gays and their advocates went into attack mode. The Constitution says nothing (read more)
During World War II, the battle for Okinawa was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific. The campaign lasted 82 days. We have maintained a large military presence on the island ever since. More than half a century later, the same can be said for Ge (read more)
Once upon a late summer's morn, the pungent odor of freshly cut grass meshed upon sweaty jerseys, pads and socks was enough to choke a horse; today, however, thanks to the generous invite to The Hillside Coaches annual kickoff picnic, it is the arresting (read more)