Chaos A.D.

Does anybody believe our government is going to shut down? That would be the biggest disaster they ever made. There would be so much chaos in this country you would be better off living in the Middle East.

Young spuds

To the people complaining that teachers are not preparing students for standardized testing. Teachers are not miracle workers or God. Parents who complain are the ones who did not do well when they were in school. Parents must work with their children on homework and reviewing what was taught in school. Take an active role. Remember: If you plant a potato, you get a potato.

Happy times

A few years ago there was a television commercial, "The Happiest Time of the Year." Kids were happy and parents delighted that their kids have "gone" to school. A teacher has all those kids for the next eight hours. They deserve to be paid well for their interest, patience and understanding. Could you, the local critics, perform this work? If you answer "yes," why aren't you a teacher?

Who's calling?

The person who called in and said Jerry Splane was only doing his job must have been Jerry himself.

No investigations

Response time for Kulpmont police: two to three days. Then you have to have a witness and pictures. Don't believe me? Ask the mayor. I can't wait until the election.

No dough

Why don't the teachers at MCA worry more about bullying instead of making more money when they already have fancy houses and cars? Really, there is no money.

Sell out

Hang in there, Mr. Masser, the brainwashing isn't complete yet on the gay marriage issue, but it soon will be. That will make your sell-out-to-your-convictions vote much easier.

Father's rep

Mr. Masser, you got elected on your father's reputation. I wonder what he would tell you and how to vote.

What is best

I would like to thank The News-Item for their opinion on the teachers strike and all the research that they did. It clears up a lot of the rhetoric and it really does indicate that the board is trying to do what is best for the taxpayers.

Way to go

This is to husband and wife who live in Mount Carmel Township that threw the party the other night. Congratulations for serving minors alcohol. One of the these days, you will get busted.

Wait and see

Mount Carmel Area School District should wait two weeks before giving the teachers what they are asking for. The performance tests come out in to weeks, and if it stills is a failing district, don't give them anything.

One God

This is to the orthodox stooge. You said the god of your religion is the correct one, and my god is not the same god as yours. You are a hypocrite. Frog's take: Sarcasm doesn't always translate so well in Sound Off.