The city and county are making an effort to clean up blight and hold slumlords accountable. The News-Item has been staying on top of this issue and can be appreciated for it, but how can a code violator remain a member of the Shamokin Housing Authority? Is this the kind of landlord we want serving in a public housing position? Frog's take: You may have noticed the citation that we reported in Saturday's edition.

Log jammed

I can't believe what I read in Saturday's Police Blotter. Chairman of the Board of Shamokin Housing Authority cited by code enforcement for violations on his rental property. How can this be? He certainly had no problem judging other landlords in town. He complains about the speck in someone else's eye and has a log in his own. No wonder no one wants to invest in Shamokin.


For a person being investigated for a DUI, it is not wise to be driving and sitting in a bar all day every day. I'm sure there is no daily chili cookoff there.

Better than who?

I thought public officials were supposed to be held to a higher standard? How come the Housing Authority Chairman Splane wasn't reported on in more detail for his 18 months of ignoring city code violations? Is he better than anyone else?

Better idea?

I'm not on welfare, but I get a kick out of these people talking about people on welfare all the time. I got a better idea. Lay off all the people in the county and let all the people on welfare go to work there, since the jobs are so hard in the county.

Merge to become

For the past 20 years, I have been pushing for the consolidation of fire companies in Shamokin. Even an editor at The News-Item had an article in the paper years ago saying council should look into consolidation of fire companies. The city of Harrisburg only has two fire companies. How much taxpayer money could have been saved by consolidating fire companies?

Straight, narrow

I agree with the 60-year-old Catholic that there are many religions, but there is only one pathway to heaven, and it is a narrow pathway. I am pretty sure John Lennon is not on it.

Prying questions

Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners? Be ready to answer those questions and more when you go to the doctor, and you can thank the Obama health law.

In the house

If the shooting in Washington would have been in the Senate or the House, you would soon see the congressmen acting on gun measures.

Full tank

Gov. Tom Corbett is full of you-know-what.

Nothing done

We have had presidents shot, adults in the work place, kids in high school, children in grade schools - all shot. Thirty-three people a day killed by gun violence. A mass shooting every month since 2009. Ninety percent of the population wants background checks, and the beat goes on. Nothing done.

More chiefs

Maybe the Mount Carmel Area Red Tornadoes need more assistant coaches to win. Forty-five to 7 is a pretty bad score. They might need more coaches.