Camel Joe

Many, many years ago, my older and "wiser" peers taught me how to smoke. After coughing and my eyes watering on my first attempt at inhaling, they told me not to worry, you'll get used to it. It took many attempts and a great deal of will power to finally quit after 20 years. For you teenagers who are thinking about smoking, when you cough and tear up, that's your body telling you that it ain't a good idea.

Give him time

Being a Shamokin Area player and graduating in the early '90s, and only having missed a couple of games since then, I just wanted to say this new coach needs time. Shamokin is going to take its lumps this year and very well might not win a game. But Coach Cove needs at least five years. Give him the time to prove what he can do before all the political B.S. starts.

Part-time jobs

Everyone knows the county elected offices are part-time jobs. These people do not work 40 hours a week so they should not receive full-time pay. Bridy and Clausi were right to reduce these salaries. There are many good, qualified people who would gladly take a $30,000 a year salary to do these jobs. The only people complaining about cutting these salaries are the elected officials and their friends.

Domestic contempt

One irony of the Syrian debate is that President Obama is now appealing for support on foreign policy from a Congress that he treat with contempt on domestic issues.

Super judge

Christians do not judge the homosexual crowd, they judge the sin.

I ain't superstitious

I believe in God, but telling students that the beliefs of a superstitious tribe thousands of years ago should be treated on an equal basis with evidence collected with our most advanced equipment today is to completely undermine science. What could be more foolish than to base one's entire views of life on ideas that, however plausible at the time, make no sense today? It is very hard for me to believe that anybody today would believe that the Bible was inspired by God. I believe God to be much smarter than that, and much greater than that.

So be it

If Clausi and Bridy chose to reduce their own salaries, so be it, but to whimsically reduce the salaries of others is unconscionable. What Northumberland County does not need is a model of pushing people's wages down.

On the rocks

They are crucifying Dr. Kraynak. He is supposed to be a role model for the children because he is on the school board? Where the hell are the parents of those kids? You mean to tell me they don't take a drink?