Great article by Greg Maresca on Christian martyrdom, a topic no one wants to talk about. It's not only Tim Tebow who is mocked for his display of faith; Christians worldwide are being attacked. We should all be paying attention to what is happening in the Arab world.


This is a prime example of how weak and ineffective our president is. He wants to slam Syria with missiles for crossing the red line and using chemical weapons, but instead of taking immediate action, he is going to wait for Congress to get back from vacation and put the onus on them.

Higher standard

With Kraynak being found guilty, isn't it about time the MCA school board get rid of him? These school board members are supposed to make decisions for our kids and they are supposed to be at a higher standard. Would a teacher be allowed to keep their position if he or she were found guilty? People of the Mount Carmel Area School District, wake up and call for Kraynak's resignation!

Labor Day

How much you make really comes down to the profitability of the company and how greedy your boss is. I think it's terrific that a fast-food worker can make as much as a nurse's aide. With all the diseases and bacteria out there, they have a great deal of responsibility in serving clean, properly cooked meats in a fast-paced environment. Do not feel so superior, because it's all labor fulfilling a service.

Fixing a hole

I certainly do think they should remodel the American Legion building. It is actually like a part of a historical marker. If they can spend $2 million for the four-wheeler park, they can fix that whole block.

Ready to learn

I wish I was still in high school at Mount Carmel. If I was, I would show up drunk for school this year until Dr. Kraynak was removed from the school board. After all, why should I, a student, show up for school sober and ready to learn when members of the school board are above the law driving around this area drunk? Frog's take: We get your point, but how can you say he's "above the law" when he was arrested, tried and convicted?

Does no good

I guess Dr. Kraynak should be removed from the school board and lose his license so he has to have somebody drive him to work, but I really don't believe it benefits anybody if he was to go to jail for six months. He has so many patients who depend on him.

Agents of Satan

I picked up the paper on Labor Day and I am appalled that you put the picture of those two homosexuals on the front page. There is nothing normal about it. That is perversion and that is a sinner. I don't care what some judge says. They are perverts and agents of Satan. It is a sin against the law of God and nature. Frog's take: Agents of Satan? Really?

Unwashed masses

It is nice to see a player with area ties start at quarterback for Iowa Hawkeyes, and I appreciated Jake's column on word-smithing. I think, however, that is too platitudinous for masses here in this area.


I was actually shocked when I read the front page of Monday's newspaper in which The News-Item not only published the same-sex so-called marriage of the two women, but actually advocated and stressed the normalcy of their so-called marriage. It violates natural law. Frog's take: The News-Item didn't advocate anything. The couple said their life is "normal," and that's what we reported. If they would have said it's done in defiance of God, our story would have said that.