$39.28 per hour

Teachers are crying for more money, but the reality is they make $39.28 per hour. The average salary is $43,834. They only work 186 days per year. That is $235.67 per day. Of that time, they are actually only in the classroom six hours a day. That is $39.28 per hour. Now they are holding our children and the taxpayers hostage. They should be ashamed. School board, don't give them another dime.

Earn it

If you want to straighten out MCA School District, start with the school board. Vote each member out and then all their family employees who work at the school. Start making teachers earn their salaries, just like the students earn their grades. Let random taxpayers listen in on classes, then grade the teachers for a change. If they don't like their salaries, go work at McDonald's or Walmart.

An asset

I would like to thank the management at Boyer's in Mount Carmel for making the store a pleasant place to shop. The store is always clean and everyone, from the people who stock the shelves to the meat department, bakery and cashiers, are all pleasant and willing to help. Boyer's is an asset to our community.

Loud and proud

To those taxpayers in Sound Off talking about people on welfare. We're entitled to that money, so come down off your high horse. I live on Raspberry Hill and I'm proud of it, and if my boyfriend wants to stay overnight every night, he should be allowed to without any hassle.

Social distortion

Frog, a question: Do you agree that people with high standards seem to hurt themselves in their social lives when their standards are too high and it is detrimental to them? Frog's take: What is a social life?

No expectations

In regards to "Hellscape," well, I guess you want to go back there again, huh? So stay clean. What did you expect? The Hilton?

Essential website

The official website of the Amber Alert program has been taken offline due to federal government shutdown, but Michelle Obama's website for her Let's Move Campaign is still up and fully functional. Frog's take: AmberAlert.gov is back online as of Monday.


I can appreciate the teachers' frustration, but to say you won't do anything voluntarily beyond the terms of your contract yet say you are committed to the success of our children? It was bad enough when my daughter needed help in trigonometry and the office told me that they no longer have a tutoring program because they have no funding for it. They said go to the teacher after school, but since that time is voluntary, I guess she will just fail. So much for committed.

New hires

The best thing they can do in Mount Carmel is hire new teachers.

Put a lid on it

In regards to "Truly outrageous" or anyone who has anything negative to say about my son, Leo Mirolli, and his childhood past: Leo was young and immature and made mistakes like a lot of us do, but he grew up to be a wonderful man and father. I am sure everyone has skeletons in their closets, including all of you who like to say unkind things about others. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, you shouldn't say anything at all.