Bound up

This is concerning the ATV park and those waivers. Anybody with any brains knows that when you sign a waiver, it is not as binding as people seem to think it is. It means more costly lawsuits, etc. The county commissioners should know that, and they probably do, considering one of them is a lawyer.

Need it now

This is for the Mount Carmel Borough. After last September's flood, why didn't they do something like sand bags along the creek? It has been a whole year and flood insurance is a joke. It doesn't cover everything in your basement. We need help and we need it now.

Flying circus

Now is a good time for the Mount Carmel Borough Council to do something about people who use their front and back porches to store their junk. Not only is it irresponsible and ugly; someone could get hurt by flying debris.

On the ball

Melissa, secretary of Rep. Kurt Masser, thank you so much for getting them on the ball to get our paychecks. You work so hard.

Pension pile-up

I just want to remind everybody that election day is coming up, so make sure you put those career politicians back in so they can keep adding to their pensions.

At it again

Well, I see Democrats are at it again. Obama had the feds create a historic storm to boost sales of generators, flash lights and food to make economy look good right before the election. We Republicans are on to you.

The other side

Well, I see Kulpmont took down their idiot signs at the cross walks because of the rain. Don't idiots need to cross the street when it rains?

Lighten up

The reason Romney is not on talk shows is he would have to face Whoopie Goldberg on "The View." He did that once, and he said he doesn't want to get into that kind of situation again. If he is afraid of dealing with a woman, what will he do when he has to face the enemy? Lighten up!


To the person who said things got 10 times worse since Obama has been president: Are you insane? We are now creating 125,000 jobs a month, 31 months in a row. Under Bush, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. He got bin Laden, saved the auto industry and kept this country from falling into a great depression. Quit watching Fox News.


In view of the tremendous consequences caused by natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, it is hard to believe that Romney's position is to dismantle the federal FEMA programs and pass it to the cash-strapped states.

Can't afford it

I agree with that woman who wrote in the newspaper about struggling to makes ends meet. I am a retiree, I make just a little bit above the maximum amount needed for LIHEAP, so I can't get it. I have my thermostat set at 60 or 62 degrees, and I am dressing very warm in the house. I can't order oil until around the 12th when I get my check. If I do order oil, it is 100 gallons at a time or else I pay more if I only want 50. It must be wonderful to be on welfare and get your oil, get food stamps and get assistance. It is wonderful. Don't work and don't retire. You can't afford it.

Frame by frame

The recent photos of our young athletes in the sports section are stupendous. Your photographer's ability to capture both action and motion and energetic enthusiasm it totally awesome. It makes me feel like I am living in the moment. Great job.


To the person who wants to know why men wear shorts in the winter instead of a dress: It is simple. When I wear my kilt, there are no bloomers and the chilly wind can lift it up.

On the money

That lady that wrote the letter to the editor was right on the money about people in Shamokin on welfare. I'll tell you, this area did get really bad. Years ago, people had some pride in this area and wanted to work. The young people today don't care. They want to lie around and live on welfare. My neighbors do it, and some people in my family do it. It's terrible.

Home cooking

Great letter to the editor today from Betty Bitterman. Everything she said is true. Instead of giving welfare people money, give them food, clothing, flour, eggs and butter and tell them to cook at home. Definitely, drug-test them and limit the number of weeks they can collect welfare for doing nothing. Make them show evidence they are searching for work and maybe they will.