Den-Mar lifestyle

In regards to the MCA teachers, the only increase they should receive is the cost of living percentage the senior citizens receive, since the area is mostly senior citizens, the unemployed and disabled. Also, look around the downtown area of Mount Carmel. There isn't anything there; there aren't any jobs in the area. The people in the MCA school district cannot afford to keep up the teachers' Den-Mar lifestyles.

What's the deal

What is with the MCA athletic director driving a cart around the field at home games?

Under the lighthouse

The caller said Ben Franklin wouldn't have liked the tea party because of their Christian fundamentalism. This is correct. Ben Franklin said, "I was a Christian until I read the Bible. I am no longer a Christian." He also said that lighthouses were more helpful than churches.

Still too many

Don't worry about Mr. Clausi's lawsuits. Just keep straightening out the county, Vinny. Lay off 50 more people because there are still too many.


Vinny Clausi is paying for all the ads for people, who or what is paying him back?


I know bad habits are hard to break, but after reading the letter to the editor in Saturday's paper about the crappy meat we eat, I know one bad habit I'll be breaking. You got it. Less meat. I'll be eating a lot less meat. I thought it was just me who said meat doesn't taste right anymore. No wonder.

Slow and steady

A person called in Sound Off and said, regarding President Obama, leave him alone for a while. He may turn out alright. Hey, he is well into his second term. How many terms is he going to need to turn out alright? You figure it out.

Rubble rabble

I noticed that Kulpmont still has the rubble from that post-fire demolition on Chestnut Street. What the borough should have done instead of imposing fines on the poor owner is to cart away the debris at borough expense, then charged him a monthly fee until the amount is paid back.

Beautiful article

I want to thank Eric Scicchitano for writing such a beautiful article on Miss Stellfox. What a wonderful person she was. For the policemen who are investigating, God bless them so they find the one who did this to her.

Big thanks

I would like to extend a special thank you to the employees of Central Susquehanna Opportunities, better know as CSO. I went in there last week to get some paperwork done. Two wonderful employees assisted me; I could have never done it without them. They are very helpful to the community and I feel they should be recognized. Thank you, Rich and Kathy.

City hall

I am calling to remind the taxpayers of Shamokin to get out and vote on election day.

Easy cheese

The only reason Barletta was in Shamokin is that he is looking for votes. You ain't going to see no jobs. He'll tell you the moon is made of cheese if you are crazy enough to believe him. Politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths.