Sore losers

What does Obamacare have to do with the debt limit? Obamacare is already a compromise, thanks to the Republicans. They can't stand that they lost. They lost the debate on Obamacare, they lost the election, which was a mandate on Obamacare, and they lost the Supreme Court case that declared Obamacare the law of the land. Get over it!

Some light on the subject

If you have two lamps, each has a plug. If you want to light the lamps, you can't plug one plug into the other plug. You need a socket. The same can be said about two sockets. You need both a plug and a socket. Hello - that is why the Almighty God made man and woman.

Dig, Lazarus, dig!

The Gospel at Mass today spoke of poor Lazarus covered with soars seeking scraps from a rich man's table and being denied. One wonders if the Christian politicians who reduced food stamps for the poor, Meals on Wheels for the elderly and Head Start for the needy children heard the same message.

All of America

Interestingly, we don't hear bleating against the Affordable Care Law from the hospital association, the AMA and the medical insurance companies. They are ready to move forward to care for all.

Clicking heels

I hope all you Obamacare supporters will come out of the Land of Oz long enough to read Greg Maresca's column in Sunday's paper. Maybe then you will get a true picture of what Obamacare is really going to cost Americas.

Fed up

It's time to get rid of the Tea Party clowns in Washington who are disrupting the government. It is time to vote them out and get something done with the country. The American people are fed up with them.

Only one

There is only one reason for a government shutdown and one reason only. It has nothing to do with the national debt or passing a budget. It has everything to do with the classic fact of socialism called Obamacare.

Not so free

I was wondering if anyone can answer a question: Why did the Obamacare site delete all references to free health care?

Lacking lunch

About the lunch program at Southern Columbia. My kids used to buy all the time and now they never buy because they don't get enough food in this new program. One of the other reasons is because, when they get a lunch, half of the time it is cold and the cafeteria ladies will not reheat it.

Apples and oranges

In regards to the county salaries story, you can't just compare salaries, you've got to compare population, income and the tax base.