Shame on all

Shame on the unions. Back in 1992, there was a union movement to boycott Japanese-built non-union cars and trucks. Shame on the teachers' union. Drive by any school and see all Japanese cars parked in the parking lot. I know people who are in the IBEW and a bunch of other unions, and I can't tell you how many of them are driving Japanese non-union cars and trucks. All of those union people are a big bunch of hypocrites.


About 30 years ago, GM was the largest, most powerful company in the world until it came under attack from the Japanese. Look at the last four years when they almost went out of business. Japan has attacked our cars, steel and many of our other industries for the past 40 years. Frog's take: What is this, 1980? Although they seem to be getting back on track, GM has no one but themselves to blame for pumping out shoddy cars for decades. Remember the Citation? Remember anything they built in the 1980s?

A crock?

Craig Fetterman said that the function of his daughter within the CSO is neither enhanced nor jeopardized by the vote he made that evening. That is a crock. Every parent that I have ever met would do anything to enhance the well-being of his child. If that means that if he votes in favor of this because he thinks that, down the road, it will help his daughter or if the daughter influenced him on what a great thing it is, I think he needs to rethink this.

Spending woes

The top one percent pays 37 percent of all the taxes. If we were to steal 100 percent of their income, we would be out of debt for 90 days and all businesses would fail. Keep up with socialist class warfare mantra. We have a spending problem, not a tax problem.

Soilent green

You are upset about pet food from China and rightly so, but we need to be more worried about people's food from China. We give our kids apple juice, gelatin cups with all kinds of fruit, cookies, candy and many other items made in China. Save our kids; stop buying food from China.

On the farm

I was at Ponduce Farms fall festival on Sunday with my granddaughter. All the people who work there were very nice, and it was such a good time. It is something really good to do in the fall.

Irish eyes

Talk about the luck of Irish. The scoreboard should have read: Officials 20, Stanford 13.


I would like to send a big hooray to the Ralpho Township recycling center for collecting plastics one through seven these days. What a great thing for our community. Congratulations and kudos to Jeff for doing the recycling.

Got the time

The Mount Carmel girl who called in all the bomb threats should be blamed for the tagging of student cars in the Shamokin Area High School parking lot last week. She may or may not have been involved, but she gave her peers the time to do it.

Enemy within

The call in Sunday's Sound Off that said the jobs started leaving the country 30 years ago reminded me of what a Russian leader said 30 years ago: Don't worry about America, they will destroy themselves from within. How true.

Right idea

Maybe the lady with the food stamps had the right idea in buying her dog a steak if the pet food we buy now is coming from who-knows-where and has who-knows-what in it. Heck, we have to pay our taxes, but the government doesn't fund anything for the animals.