Phantom waivers

I would like to comment on the letter to the editor penned by Mr. Krankowski and Mrs. Faraguna with regards to the Affordable Care Act - yes, the one signed into law by the president and upheld by the Supreme Court. Providing health care to the presently uninsured is an idea whose time has come. And to answer the critic of ACA (it is incorrect to refer to it as Obamacare), one reason boldly stands out as to why Congress is exempt from coverage. Members of Congress and their spouses have free health care for life. Why would those deadbeats ever give that up? And while the critic is at it, will you please list those phantom waivers you speak of.

Earn it

Great article in The News-Item about people being tested for a coaches' certificate. It sure beats now where you only have to be obnoxious and have a big mouth while strutting around demanding respect instead of earning it. It would make attending a sporting event more enjoyable.

Enough, Greg

On Greg Maresca's article on Sunday, Obama did not close the World War II Memorial. The Republican Congress did when they shut down the government. Obama is not weak on foreign affairs; he is actually very sharp on foreign affairs. He is no good, this Greg. The Republican Congress is mad because they didn't get their way with the Affordable Care Act. Stop calling it Obamacare.

Time and again

Tell a lie and tell it often enough and people will believe it.

Much to do

Time waits for no man. It waits for no nation. It doesn't even wait for a world. There is much to be done all over the world, even here in the United States. Much.

How low

I see in the paper that the grades are out for all of the schools. Mount Carmel is one of the lowest and the teachers want more money. Evidently, they are not doing their job, so maybe they ought to get better teachers, then pay them more money. Frog's take: Not to get in the middle of the teacher contract dispute, but there is another part of a successful student, and that's his home life. Are parents doing enough?


On Sunday your paper decided to give more front page room to the local drunk fest than to an article regarding the status of our local elementary schools. So why don't you and the rest of The News-Item do us all a favor. Get off your high horse and stop writing about education, because clearly it is not that important to you, either.

Hold their ground

I would like to say I sure hope the Mount Carmel Area School Board holds its ground and doesn't give these teachers any raises. After reading the article in The News-Item, do not give in to these teachers.

Fight for right

I am calling about the clash in Washington, D.C., at the World War II Memorial. That just shows you how much our government thinks of us veterans. We fought, we bled, we died to give them the right to run our country - and look at the way they are running it. It is a shame.

Great performance

I am calling about the Black Diamond Cavalcade of Bands on Saturday evening. It was such an enjoyable evening to see all these bands perform. These young people and staff put forth so much time and effort. I am from Shamokin, and I can truly say that Shamokin Area High band put on a great performance.