County Commissioner Rick Shoch publicly stated he met with Mr. Kaleta and told him the Clausi-Bridy action regarding Kaleta's waiver for the ATV park was a Sunshine Law violation. Shoch also admitted he met with attorneys Best and Bowers, who represented Kaleta in this case. Shoch tried to say he is reasonably trying to resolve this issue when he instigated this suit.

Our man

I love the picture of Vinny on Oct. 3. I think it would be great if someone could put a blood pressure monitor on him and have the reading displayed for the audience to see. Keep up the good work, Vinny. You are our man.

Fish out of water

This is for all the Obama people. I hope they watched the debate last week. If you take Obama's teleprompters, like they did, he looks like a fish out of water. He has his head down and no record to stand on. It just shows his inept ability to manage this country.

Not buying it

So the jobs report says unemployment is down and that it is the best it has been since 2008. Yeah, right; I am not buying. Nice timing, isn't it? The election is coming up and Obama looked like a fool in the first debate.

Use your noodle

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make a comment about the Shamokin Halloween parade ad cautioning people about jumping out for candy. It says about not jumping "into the parade route," which means it's OK to enjoy yourself and collect treats, but if there is a stray Tootsie Roll or lollipop that happens to go in front of a vehicle or moving object, please refrain from killing yourselves for a quick sugar fix. Frog's take: Well said!

Read a book

Please stop complaining. Go to the library and pick up a book and, on your way out, leave a small donation, because the library needs it. Stop complaining.

Good therapy

This is concerning Mr. Kaleta's working on disability. Well, he did everything free and I helped him, and I am on disability. My counselor says it is good therapy. We paid in for disability and we deserve it. Mr. Kaleta never asked for a dime for his work.

Bully teachers

I am grateful for Democratic schools. They kicked a young teenage girl out of class for wearing a Romney-Ryan T-shirt. Thank God for those big union teachers.

Dragon attack

We have two wars that weren't paid for. Now Romney wants to attack Syria and Iran. Where is the money coming from?

Pajama party

For all you parents who wear pajama pants to pick up you children at the Mount Carmel stadium: Grow up already.

Poll response

This is in response to the latest reader poll. So there are countless numbers of hunters who are ready to shoot at anything that moves? Exaggerate much? As to "Out the mountain," go back and read the last 10 years of The News-Item, because you will see that you are seriously misinformed. The Alaska site was never closed to anything except unauthorized motor vehicles.

More diversity

Shoch is right on in his augument with Clausi about a more diverse and increased membership on the AOAA authority. Clausi wants five of his handpicked cronies to be puppets, and guess who will be pulling the strings? No communities will be represented and have a say. Why? It will affect local communties' resources and place burdens on them. Shoch is 100 percent correct about having 10 to 15 members on the AOAA authority.