Sticky fingers

My 10-year-old daughter left her bracelet in the Walmart arcade. We watched the video surveillance and saw a boy take it right after she walked out. He then showed it to his parents and they allowed him to walk out with it instead of returning it to the store or coming to find us because it was right after we left. Please, do the right thing and return it to the Walmart customer service center where they have our name and number and they can reach us. My daughter is very sad to know that somebody would steal something.

Getting old

Why is it that your friends will never tell you the truth? You hunt, you fish, you sign the books every day. You are the first one out, and last one home from the bar, always looking for fun. But you expect me to work all day, so you get free food, free heat, free medical? If I told you I was proud to be a productive taxpaying person, you'd think I was crazy. But you have no problem accepting the taxes I pay in public assistance. I am your friend, not your provider. Go get a job and earn your keep so I don't have to.

Traveling song

Obama and Holder say it's racist to have to show an ID card for voting purposes because some people might have to travel to get one. Well, how about all the old and sick people that will have to travel to find a doctor or a hospital that will accept Obamacare?

No hope

Under President Reagan we had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Under Obama we have no hope and no cash.

Coal culture

I am calling to just report that the Shamokin Area High School band performed very well down in Lemoyne on Saturday, taking seventh place out of 20. They are phenomenal and that, to me, is what we call culture in our coal region area. I just want to report that we are very proud of these young people.

Home body

My wife used to complain that I spent too much time in a local bar, so now I stay at home with her. What is unique about it is, I can no longer tell you what color her eyes are because all I see is the back of her head because she spends hours on Facebook. It is totally amazing how people get locked up in a computer and don't know what time of day it is and how long it has been. I'd like to see her eyes again one day, but silence is golden. Frog's take: Your situation doesn't seem unique these days. Want to go get a beer?

Coal region proud

I would like to congratulate all the area athletes who ran cross-country at the state meet Saturday, especially Southern Columbia and Mount Carmel. You made the coal region proud. We love you.

Protect and serve

Much respect and appreciation to the Kulpmont police department for rendering assistance to me last night when I was locked out of my car. The two officers and one who is training to go into law enforcement went above and beyond to help me. They were true professionals and knew the meaning of "to protect and to serve." Thank you, Kulpmont Police Department.


Obama knew more than 100 million people were going to lose their health insurance because of Obamacare and he out-and-out lied to everyone.

Three cheers

Tuesday's paper had the article on the opening of the AOAA. Three men were mentioned: Backes, Crowl and Yorwarth. These men have my congratulations for completing a project of this magnitude by spring considering all the problems they had and overwhelming attacks of the dissenters. Most of us would have thrown the project to the wind.