GOP freedom

I am a Republican, but I am not greedy or rich. My husband is a military retiree. He fought for our country - for the freedom we are now losing. Half of Americans also spoke, but what are you going to do when almost half of the country is getting free stuff?

The tenants, too

I read with great interest on the crackdown on landlords. Did anybody ever think of the tenants they have and how they destroy and don't pay their bills? This landlord keeps his building up to date. He has to work overtime at his regular job just to pay the bills because the tenants aren't paying him.

Beautiful flags

I would like to thank Citizens for a Better Community for the beautiful flags to honor our veterans. Good job. Frog's take: And we clarified on Tuesday that the Shamokin American Legion and its ladies auxiliary, along with the Coal Township VFW, contributed to that project.

Fuddy duddy

Be very, very quiet, because the Republicans are very, very upset.

The gloat

This is for all you gloating Democrats celebrating the election: You are too ill-informed to understand that Obama is not a Democrat, but rather a radical socialist. You are too stupid to do any research to find out that this is so.

Take a look

I see in The News-Item where Mount Carmel vows to crack down on landlords so the tenants in Mount Carmel have a nice place to live. Do you think they really care? Have you looked at some of the tenants?


Does anybody ever think of an antitrust act? You know, Geisinger is sucking up everything up like an amoeba. Not everybody loves Geisinger, and it isn't the great place everybody thinks it is.

First in line

In response to "Crying game" and "Pity party," let's see who is going to have a pity party and who is going to cry come January with Obamacare and the taxes he is going to incorporate. I would like to be first in line to say I told you so.

Going mobile

I would like to thank the four people who picked me and my scooter out of a pot hole on Market Street by the bank. Thank you.

Paint thinner

Can anyone tell me what to do with old cans of paint? Are there any disposal sites in our area?

Speak no evil

This is to the person who said the middle class has won. You are blind, deaf and dumb, but, unfortunately, not mute.

Mysterious ways

To the person who said their prayers for people with good sense to acquire power went unanswered this past Election Day: I heard conservatives say that Hurricane Sandy was the reason Obama won re-election. That being the case, I can only come to the conclusion that your prayers were answered. It just wasn't the answer you were seeking. They say God works in mysterious ways, after all.

Nap time

Our country is headed toward the financial abyss and 50 million don't seem to care. Secondly, I enjoyed Mr. Maresca's through examination of Obama from A to Z. You speak the truth, but like so many on the dole, they don't want to hear it. We now have made our bed and must sleep in it.