Time of need

A special thanks to all those who gave me help Thursday night in my time of need. You all are the greatest.

Good cop

I would like to thank the Coal Township police officer who came to my aid the other day when I locked my keys in my truck. He was very professional and I would like to thank him.

The good leaf

DMP Lawn Services did an excellent job at Mount Carmel town park on the leaf removal. It never looked this good.

Set for life

I am sure these pro football players knew that running full speed into another man with equipment on would cause problems later on in life. Everybody sacrifices to give their children a better life. Look at construction workers, firemen and policemen. What did they expect? I feel bad for anybody who is suffering, but they made millions of dollars. Their children are set for life.

In the crosshairs

So a leaked document reveals what we suspected all along: Big government has become Big Brother and you are in the crosshairs. Every single email, cell phone call and Internet search you make is being recorded, and they don't even need a warrant.

Boss is a jerk

I just read in paper about the benefit they put on for wounded veterans with Bruce Springsteen. Does anybody know he went out of his way to be declared unfit for military service during the Vietnam War back in the '60s? What a jerk.

Too early

I saw my first Christmas commercial for this season on Nov. 1. Now I have seen many, many more. There should be a law that makes it illegal to broadcast on TV, radio or advertise in print for Christmas until one week before Christmas Day.

Lip service

While much lip service goes to honoring veterans, actions matter more than words. The action was to reduce food stamps for 960,000 of them.

Much gratitude

I would like to thank the custodian at Shamokin hospital who assisted me to the restroom. I don't know if I could have made it on my own. Those who work menial jobs deserve our gratitude.

Control denied

Everything the Republicans said about Obamacare is coming true. It is not about medicine, it is about control.

Dark souls

I am calling in regards to the lighting situation at the Shamokin Area High School grounds, in the student parking lot. Last night we were out for wrestling and, once again, it was dark out there. Can't the school do something about that?

Lost opportunity

I was disappointed and sad to learn that Dan McGaw lost the chance to be mayor by one vote. He could have made such a difference in returning Shamokin to what it once was and could be again. I don't know him, but after meeting him we would have been so lucky to have him. All those people who voted the party and not the person let our town down. Let's not forget that he is a veteran and they are natural born leaders.