Great letter from Mrs. Faraguna about gun control. The paranoia of the gun nuts is truly amazing. By opposing universal background checks (with no registry) and opposing limits on magazine capacity, they are effectively saying that anyone should be able to have any weapon they want. They're even against tough punishment for buying a gun and giving it to a known criminal. Unbelievable.

I am the law

So according to the anti-gun-control side, there is no point in having gun laws because criminals won't follow them anyway. Well, with this brilliant philosophy, we should eliminate all laws. We can save a lot of money by eliminating our law enforcement and just put that money into buying more guns. Brilliant!

One is enough

Thank you for not running Ann Coulter's nasty, misinformed, misguided, one-sided, hate-filled opinionated column. You already have that with this Greg Maresca.

A million thanks

I would like to commend the Shamokin Area High School football coach for organizing the cleanup in Shamokin. A million thanks would never be adequate. What a great job and keep up the good work.

Tool time

Hey Frog, nice little quote in Sound Off. It is about time someone got Maynard in there.

Toll booth

Does anyone know what year it was when the toll bridge stopped collecting money to go over the Susquehanna River in Selinsgrove?

Yard thief

To the person who stole my gazing ball and stand: That cement stand and ball has sentimental value to me. It is one of the few things I have left from my dearly departed mother. Please bring it back.

Playing politics

I think it is disgusting that Vinny Clausi would be buying signs and paying for political ads for a mayor candidate in Shamokin and a school board candidate.

Co-ed league

I am glad to see that this co-ed softball league, I remember how it all started. A man named Norman, a former employee of Burger King, challenged Tony Balonis from Ames to a softball game and the rules were that you had to have two girls on the field at all times. I am glad to see it is still going. It is very enjoyable.

Think again

In response to "Guide for life" in Monday's edition, the caller who thinks the Bible is not a history book should think again. Archeologist have found and excavated all the ancient cities that are in the Bible. If it wouldn't have been for the Bible, they would not have known those cities existed.

Time and again

The whacky conspiracy theorists said the president was lying about Benghazi, but a politician never lies. Besides, Benghazi happened a long time ago and it is Bush's fault.