Under the bridge

Hey, Frog, here is a quick question for you: Whatever happened to the guy that lived under the Cameron Bridge with that nice wood pile? I haven't heard much about him, and some people were curious as to how he is making out. Let us know. Frog's take: Oh, he is still around. I see him all the time. He has an apartment in town, I believe.

Goofy is a dog

This is a response to the goof calling locals goofs. He quoted that locals using the AOAA land that Northumberland County taxpayers purchased and used for generations in a legal manner were trespassing. Where are you from? Goofville? Ask an attorney. The land locals purchased was to be used in the best interest of the taxpayers and they should not charge us another tax/fee to use it in a legal manner.


Finally, someone has come forward with a solution. All cats should be licensed just like dogs. That would discourage owners from having more than one cat. My neighbor has a cat that she allows to run freely and it always urinates on my porch rug.

Will it open?

Are they going to open up the Shamokin Street playground this year? Frog's take: For an answer, see the story in today's edition.

Night terrors

I understand that people love their toys and want the best of the best, so I am guessing the louder the motorcycle means the more you can show off. However, when everyone in the household is sleeping, including young children, and you are literally woken up to your heart jumping out of your chest or a child screaming from being so scared because an obnoxiously loud motorcycle is driving by, it is not so cool.

Thank a vet

We all say thank you for your service and we love the troops. It is already clear that there are so many veterans that we cannot care for them and they are not all even home yet. Perhaps one of the solutions is to fund each vet and pay their fee to pay the premium for Obamacare and that would ease the pressure on the VA hospitals. Firing everybody is not a solution. The numbers will still be there.

Cut the cheese

These animals are here for a reason, not to be killed because they go to the bathroom outdoors or scratch things. You have a job to do. Find something else that needs addressing in Shamokin and leave the cats alone.

Right foot forward

I am very happy to see that code enforcement officer Rick Bozza acknowledges there is a cat problem. Now if the rest of the people on the city council would actually do something about it, then maybe the City of Shamokin might take a step in the right direction instead of going backward as they have constantly proven themselves to do. Keep up the good work, Rick.

Off the streets

There are a lot of animal lovers out there and I don't think that is right to put the cats to sleep. There are other ways to help. They ought to worry about getting the drugs off of the streets and taking care of our young children instead of cats. The drug problem is a lot more important than a couple of cats. Frog's take: Well, the code enforcement officer's job doesn't entail getting drugs off the streets or running a day care.

It's a trap!

This is for "Cat nap": excellent idea. Get the traps, catch them and get a home for them.

Beasts of burden

It was very disheartening after reading the paper about what we pay retirees in this police department. Then they leave here with a $40,000 a year pension and go to work at the county or have another place they can get jobs and get another $40,000 or $50,000 a year. This really burdens the taxpayers in this town.


The pensions paid to the police in Shamokin are highway robbery and they know it.

Must see TV

The liberal media is disgusting and revolting and it makes me want to puke. The last hour of the NFL draft was unwatchable because the anchors started the drum beat that everybody wants to see where the gay Michael Sam was drafted. I bet 95 percent could care less. Just give us the football draft. Then, The News-Item has a large story about it. Frog's take: The NFL draft is always unwatchable.

Credibility gap

Despite relentless warnings about the dire consequences of sequestration's budget cuts, it appears sequestration resulted in only one layoff. Well, that is good news for federal employees and other workers, but it is devastating to the credibility of Washington politicians and administration officials who spent months and millions of dollars engaging in a coordinated, multi-agency, cabinet level public relations campaign to scare the American people. Frog's take: Credibility? What credibility?

Filthy animals

It is about time in Shamokin that they get licenses on these filthy cats and maybe that will follow in the Southern area and Ralpho Township, because we have a bunch of people down here that like to feed the darn things, too.

No wonder

After reading Sunday's article on the police department, it is no wonder the city is broke. While police deserve a good salary because of the nature of the job, $4,500 a month for a retiring police chief is excessive, and $143,000 in overtime is outrageous.