Being afraid

If the gentlemen who knocked on my door in Burnside to use my phone is reading this, please except my apology. I do not open my door to anyone I don't know, especially if I'm home alone. I'm sorry you had an accident, but glad you're OK. I can't understand why you didn't knock on anyone else's door, but took off running down the highway.

More blame

If Obama decides to go to war with Iran because of nukes, all the Democrats will blame it on Bush and accept no responsibility. Right now, the Obama staff is probably in a backroom laying out a plan on loading up the Obama press and blaming it on Bush.

Called intelligence

In answer to "Great analogy," I am not a millionaire and I do vote Republican. It is called intelligence, and ethics.

Park it

Why is it that people who have been driving 20 to 30 years don't have a clue when it comes to parallel parking? It is like watching a comedy of errors if they don't have at least 35 feet of space.

Hurt no good

We give $500 million to the Palestinians, but fed workers get furloughed. That makes it hurt.

To be continued

I also agree with Michael Krankowski's letter to the editor that Republican policies are a cancer. After eight years of Republican policy and George W. Bush as president, the national debt exploded to $11 trillion due to tax breaks for the wealthy, two wars, deregulation of Wall Street and Medicare Part D. Most of the $6 trillion of additional debt acquired on President Obama's watch was from the continuation of past policies.

Dangerous curves

We are living in very dangerous times. Obama and the Democratic party are trying to destroy our Constitution and our rights. If we allow this, we the people will have to physically restore our Constitution and our rights and remove those who have violated their oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution and charge them with treason.

Point proven

This is for the editor of Sound Off who said what if he is a Dolphins fan and he wore a Jets jersey. My point exactly. You must be a Republican. Frog's take: It was a trick question. I don't own any football jerseys.

Pay for play

How about Obama's claim that he saved the auto industry? Once again it is a combination pure fraud and pure delusion. He didn't actually save anything. He just grabbed about a hundred billion from the taxpayers to redistribute to the auto unions so their members can continue to get their obscene, unsustainable pensions. They kicked back about a hundred million dollars or so to the Obama presidential campaign. It is called pay for play. It is fraud and someone should go to prison.

No weapons

To the Iraq veteran: As a mother and wife of military veterans, I appreciate your service, but the fact remains that the desire to go to war belied the facts. There were no weapons of mass destruction.

Garbage gaze

Got a letter today from Waste Management giving a special limited offer to take away my garbage. Here is another large company trying to take away business from our local garbage haulers. Just like Geisinger taking over the medical field. After you sign up, what will you pay in the future?